Saturday, 26 April 2008

Blue Labour talk rubbish in Knaphill

Blue Labour (The party formally known as the Conservatives) have dropped a last minute leaflet in Knaphill.

Beryl "The Peril" Dunham is their candidate here. She looks a bit fierce (like an old fashioned prep school teacher or something), but lets not let a poor photo cloud our judgment of the candidate.

So what has the leaflet got to say? Well it's the typical Punch and Judy stuff, with BL claiming the Lib Dem's put the tax up, not them and has all the Lib Dem style staged photo's, instead of any real explanation of policy or what she can actually do for Knaphill. Of course, she is VERY limited to what she can do, because she has to do as she is told from above.

On the front page of the leaflet, Bezza goes into a few policies though. Now tell me, do these policies sound like a party that believes in low taxation and self responsibility, or a cheap imitation of their fellow EU partners on the left.

1. Free parking for blue badge holders. (Free = taxpayer subsidised)
2. Free swimming for the elderly (Paid for by the taxpayer again, no matter how rich the "elderly" are.
3. Firmly controlled Council finances. (Yes controlled being the operative word. They control the money flowing into the coffers from us mugs nicely.

The back page has all the crappy photos on. One of them has her looking up at the Post Office sign. She doesn't mention the pressure being put on for it to close, due to EU directives that her party fully supports as a willing member.

She then says she will oppose large building projects in Knaphill. Again she fails to mention the reason there is pressure to build in the first place. IE mass, unlimited immigration from the EU, fully supported by her party.

She has another little dig at her EU partners (the Lib Dems) about them being soft on drugs. Personally I couldn't care less about that, I'd rather criminals got the tough measures, not some old granny smoking a spliff to ease her pains.

Then the finale. Now normally UKIP isn't given the time of day in local elections. GE's yes, both of the partners mention UKIP, suggesting it is a wasted vote etc, but this year, they have mentioned UKIP in a local. Maybe the ever increasing vote in Knaphill has them a bit concerned? Especially now Labour have been finished off, I guess they are both looking over their shoulder now!

The dizzy old bat makes the usual blunder of calling the Liberal Democrats "the most radical and pro-European party in main-stream British politics".

Err, well I have no problem with parties being pro-European. I am as pro-European as they come. My issue is with pro-EU and both Blue Labour and the Lib Dems are full on fanatics for that cause. The Lib Dems are hardly radical either. They are just the yellow version of the LibLabCon-sensus.

So don't listen to Batty Beryl. A vote for UKIP is not a vote for the Lib Dems, it is a vote for UKIP, or even more, a vote against the cozy mainstream consensus of which she is a part.

I urge all people in Knaphill to not vote for the old parties, unless you want higher tax and to be told what to do even more. I will be voting for UKIP, but spoiling your paper is also a valid protest, if there is something you don't like about UKIP.

It makes no odds if the Lib Dems or Blue Labour win. They are both controlled and will do roughly the same as each other.


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