Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Lenin would be proud of this one

British Bolshevik Community

The government may have to give a taxpayer guarantee to billions of pounds of mortgage market bonds.

The recommendation is part of a report commissioned by the Treasury that looks at possible ways to revive the UK mortgage market.

But such a move would be controversial and could be seen as the partial nationalisation of mortgage finance.

Great. The whole pyramid scheme is falling apart, which sure is painful, but at least will see us back to a realistic market, but the crooks want to try and keep it going. How? Back to the old school of robbing the hard working, to fund their rancid scheme.

Seriously, Stalin didn't even have the balls to try this. They are trying to make the State all important in peoples lives, so they can then justify their authority.

What right has any government got to take my money and lend it out? If I want that to happen, I will do that myself and will have the choice of a number of mechanisms to lend that money out. If I don't then TOUGH, I don't owe anyone that right and the same applies in the other direction.

Everything the government gets involved in, gets ruined. The reasons for that are

1) The foundations are built on stealing. Anything that starts off like that is doomed to fail.

2) It distorts the market. Pumping stolen funds into a failing system might make it survive a bit long, but it will have nasty side effects and will fail anyway in the end.

3) The stolen money could have been left in the hard working peoples hands. They would have put it to work far more efficiently than any government could. They will also encourage private enterprise to give better deals and will be more careful with it, as it will effect them badly if they don't and no one else.

4) The effect that really is beginning to bite on this country now, is that people lose all self respect and thus respect for others. They are encouraged to rely on the government and a whole subculture grows. Stuff going to work, the government will look after me. It isn't worth working anyway after tax. Human life becomes cheap and thus crime goes up too.

The last thing this country needs is the government shifting more responsibilities into its own corrupt and inefficient claws.

Monday, 28 July 2008

Brown should quit, says moron who should also quit.

Awful biased trash

Labour MP Gordon Prentice has urged Gordon Brown to resign, arguing the government has "gone a bit rusty".

He said the prime minister lacked the skill "to persuade and enthuse" and should go in Labour's "best interests".

The fact this dweeb looks like a male impersonator, is not the reason I have nothing but contempt for him. The country isn't in the shite state it is now, just because of Gormless Brown. No, almost EVERY traitor and gravy train rider can take the full blame. Nearly all of them decided to abdicate responsibility for decision making and pass the job onto the unelected commisioners in the EU.

True, Brown was one of the cheif traitors and was happy to take the plaudits during the time that he was blowing the countries wealth on illegal wars, massive communist schemes and other utter folly. He couldn't have done it without the backing of his fellow morons though.

So this dipstick who I have never heard of before today, should shut up. He may well be worried about his seat going (he should be), he his desperated, self centred attempt to get Gord to take the rap don't impress me. They say their is no honour amongst thieves, and this foolish career merchant seems to confirm that.

Gord will be rewarded for his loyaty to the establishment, but I doubt we will see this snivelling little worm again. That's the difference between the truly devious greasy pole climbers (such as Brown and Blair) and the wannabes like this divot. Knowing when to shut up and bide your time.

What I would really like though, is for the British people to start demanding REAL people of integrity and honesty. Until that day, we shall keep being served the rancid faecal matter that poses as politicans right now. Dave Cameron being a case in point.

Who wants to take a bet right now, that the guy will lead us deeper into the mire and do almost nothing different to the current floaters. Anyone? Hello........hello

Sunday, 27 July 2008

No light at the end of the tunnel for USA/world

Sure it's all rapped up in cudley let's all hug each other language, but there is a part of this speech that should send a chill down the spine of anyone, ANYONE who has studied history.

Like Bush, Blair and Brown, this establishment lacky is calling for a "New World Order".

How anyone who can just write this off as a "conspiracy" I have no idea, but its worse than that. He actually raised the bar and made it quite clear that "you have no choice", but to get with the programme.

Hitler tried to do it, but failed. The idea of a centrally placed power, forcing the rest of the world to do as it sees fit, is not an old one. However, the current band of control freaks have upped the game. They have learned from past failures and have a multipronged strategy, for creating worldwide subservience.

After herding the majority of sheep like humans into two camps, they are now deploying the tried and tested mechanism of fear, while playing the two camps off against each other. Orwell warned of it in 1984, but sadly this became our generation of tyrants' blueprint.

On the manufcatured left, with have the global warming sham. Worse than any of the old relgions of control, because at least they were fairly limited in their condemnation of man. This bad boy paints humanity as the enemy and suggests only global fascism can solve it, by forcing people back into the stoneage, with massive guilt attacks and fear frenzies about armageddon.

Then on the manufactured right, we have "The War On Terror", where a tiny minority of the worlds nutters, are elevated to extreme importance and scaryness, by the puppets we are told are our governments and their willing lapdogs in the media. Yes we have to surrender our privacy, money and freedom, so our one world fascist dictatorship can keep us secure.

It truly is the old one two, designed to club all people into grateful submission, for their masters to control us like never before. All you have to do is accept you are just a piece of property of the state, hand over all your wealth, surrender all your free will and do as you are told. Then they will protect you from climate change and terrorism.

What a fucking joke. They cause terrorism and have absolutely no say over what the climate of this planet will be from year to year.

Obama is using the oldest trick in the book, by saying he is for change, when nothing could be further from the truth. Obama is for more of the same and then some, just like his "opponent" McCain will be.

We can't feel any better in this country though. We are being made to hate Brown and Labour so much, that they can roll in a Blair clone, who will also give us more, much more of the same.

Humanity seems like it enjoys being enslaved. Well, at least until it realises that is the case and decides to do something about it. This generation is handing over freedom to the most powerful enemy yet though. An enemy that as usual has all the wealth, but adds to that, technological tools that no tyrant has ever even dreamed of.

However, when the people finally arouse from their slumber, they will be able to redeploy those tools, just as freedom fighters have done in the past. I just wish we could avoid putting generations through the pain of winning back their freedom, by valuing it in the first place.

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Extortion racket discovered in Woking

For the first time in a long time I went to the cinema the other day. My mate wanted to see the new Batman film and I quite fancied seeing it too. Not because one of the mug actors killed himself with a drugs overdose, but because I usually like the films with Christian Bale in.

Anyway, it is a Long time since I have ventured into Woking town centre. I tend to get a lot of stuff online now. There just isn't enough in town to warrant the hassle of getting in and out + paying the parking fees. I am tempted to go sometimes, just so I can use my car and piss of the Envirofascists, but then that would be cutting off my nose to spite my already pug ugly face.

Anyway, it was quite an eventful day. I agreed to pick my mate up and go and have a bit of pizza at Pizza Express, just on the outskirts of town. Had to pay 80 for the privilege of parking in the road, but that is rip off Woking for you. They are cramming so many people into the town now, that there probably is nowhere near enough space for parking in some parts. So the solution of the council is to price the poor people off the road, keeping in line with Labours policy (I bet my grandparents turn in their graves at what their party, Labour, have become).

Anyway, half way through my pizza, streams of people starting piling out of Woking. What was going on I thought. Then I heard someone say there was a bomb alert and the town was being evacuated. Jihad declared on Woking, whatever next I thought and wondered exactly what the cause was.

Anyway, we got in the car and sure enough, they had blocked off all the roads into Woking centre. Damn, what a pain in the arse, I was looking forward to the film. We drove back to my friends house, but tuned in to "The Eagle" to see if there was any news. It hit one o'clock and sure enough they said how a "suspicious package" had been found in the theatre and hence the mass overreaction and panic. It seems our beloved authorities are happy to jump at any issue now adays. No real evidence of a bomb, just the fact there was a "package" left lying around, probably by one of the kids going to the cinema.

The good news though is they were now letting people back in. I still thought they may have canned the showing, but we drove in anyway, just in case. They even said parking would be free for an hour, due to people losing their spots and the inconvenience etc. I drove into the car park and noticed they had changed the way of paying. It used to be you had to accurately guess how long you would be there and pay up front. This sucked and I though they had actually improved something for a change, by making it a pay on exit type now. Sadly I was wrong on two counts.

1) They have turned the car park into a messy confusion zone. They have changed the flow of traffic and put up temporary looking structures all over the place. It really has turned a just above average car park into a total shambles. That isn't the worst part though.

2) After seeing the film (very good by the way, but no Oscar winner in my book), I went to stick the ticket in the machine to see how much it would be. Batman was quite a long film at just over two hours, so How much do you reckon? A pound? No.
Two pounds then? Think on. Three, that's a bit steep ain't it? No wrong again.

4 FUCKING POUNDS, to park long enough to watch a film. You would think the mob were in charge of parking in Woking and you would be right, because it is the council who have a total monopoly on parking in Woking. It truly is disgusting what they charge the already suffering motorist. I seriously think they want to destroy the town, by pricing people out of being able to get there. I certainly will avoid the place at all costs.

I see it as just another tax. Why the hell we need government to manage car parking for, I have no idea. They love it though, because just like the Mafia, they get to squeeze people with their Monopoly of power that they have imposed themselves. Bastards.

I reckon the real taxation levels in this country is nearer to 70% when you take everything into account. That's 30% away from being an outright slave.

Friday, 25 July 2008

Is this what we have allowed Britain to become?

Yes we are living in a police state

Arrested for peaceful protest

Mugabe's Zimbabwe?

Saddam Hussein's Iraq?

Stalin's Russia?

Hitler's Germany?

No. Gordon Brown's Britain.

We have to get rid of the lot of them. This is still the very thin edge of the wedge.

India bucks the envirofascist trend

Engineering News

India has issued a report challenging global warming fears. This is dramatic. The Indian Prime Minister's Council on Climate Change said that India would rather save its people from poverty than global warming, and would not cut growth in order to cut gases.

Referring to claimed changes in climate attributed to human activity, the report declares: "No firm link between the documented charges described below and warming due to an anthropogenic climate change has yet been established."

The report goes on to state: "It is obvious that India needs to substantially increase its per capita energy consumption to provide a minimally acceptable level of wellbeing to its people . . . India is determined that its per capita greenhouse-gas emissions will at no point exceed those of developed countries."

Well done India. I am glad to see there are some governments who actually don't hate their people. While the jumped up little control freaks in Woking take their orders, like the good little bitches that they are, India is working to make their citizens life better.

Yes, there is a good reason why India is now booming. It doesn't have to take its orders from the EU, like the traitors in our government do. Just think of how Britain could have benefited, with its strong links with India.

But no, instead of betting on the favourite, Britain's traitor political class picked the asthmatic, blind, 3 legged, decrepid old donkey that is the EU.

Worse that that, this country has turned its back on solid friends in Canada, New Zealand, India and much of the commonwealth, to get into bed with a bunch of crooks. Sure, Britain's traitor elite are just as much a part of this. This isn't all the other countries of Europe's fault.

It is time that the people of this country shunned the fearmongering and hatred that the EU elite peddle. It is time we kicked ALL of the established parties out of Westminster and put in parties that will make the country more free.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

I thought government were lying sons a bitches, but this would take the biscuit.

Daily Fail

Aliens have contacted humans several times but governments have hidden the truth for 60 years, the sixth man to walk on the moon has claimed.

Apollo 14 astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell, said he was aware of many UFO visits to Earth during his career with NASA but each one was covered up.

Dr Mitchell, 77, said during a radio interview that sources at the space agency who had had contact with aliens described the beings as 'little people who look strange to us.'

He said supposedly real-life ET's were similar to the traditional image of a small frame, large eyes and head.

Chillingly, he claimed our technology is 'not nearly as sophisticated' as theirs and "had they been hostile", he warned 'we would be been gone by now'.

Yes, that would be about right. The control monkeys in power would definitely cover this up. They don't believe in truth or honesty.

I wonder if there has ever been a government that has been totally honest with its people.

I doubt it.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008



EU chiefs have secretly banned Britain from using the acre – one of our oldest forms of measurement.
Ministers killed it off when they put up no objection to a European Commission directive outlawing its use.

The orders were nodded through by a lowly Whitehall official – not an elected Minister – during a meeting in Brussels last week.

The Sun has seen Directive 80/181/EEC which reports: “The Council unanimously reached political agreement on a proposal for a Directive aimed at improving the system of measurement in the EU. It abolishes the acre as a unit of land measurement in the UK.”

Fuck off EU and fuck off to the political traitors who waved this through, like the bitches that they are.

I am still using the term acre and always will. My sister has just got herself a massive house with 5 ACRES of land in Canada. She paid about the same as you would get a shed in this country and it isn't run by traitors who lie to the people and make a mockery of democracy.

I would bloody well join her, but alas, my wife just can't get the whiff of coffee that staying here is probably a bad idea.

Hence I stay and fight!

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

First they came for the smoker. Then they came for the drinker.

But I did not speak out, because I was neither of them.

Then they came for the motorist.

And now they come for the song writers!


When are people going to tell big government to do one? It's the EU again this time, but again our weak and subservient puppets in government are helping to force this kind of rubbish through!

Which is why I am going to attend this I think.

Remember remember the 5th of November.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Wanky EU goes after one of Britain's most successful immigrant groups

The Daily Malicious

It is the nation's favorite Chinese dish – adored by millions and a staple feature on the menus of restaurants and takeaways the length and breadth of Britain.

But Peking Duck could now be forced into extinction by an EU ban on the ovens traditionally used to prepare it.

Council inspectors have been busily visiting restaurants that use the ovens and sealing them closed with tape because they do not carry a CE (Conformité Européenne) mark certifying that the equipment meets safety standards on carbon-monoxide emissions laid down by Brussels.

It's nothing more than I expect from the fools at the EU, but remember, it requires TRAITORS within this country to implement.

Why are we taking orders like a bitch from the EU?

Why do we have sniveling little jobs worths ready to gold plate anything they say?

Why aren't companies allowed to do their business and only punished if they actually hurt someone?

This is why taxation is so high.

This is why food prices are so high.

This is why small businesses are struggling to survive.

This is why we have to turn our backs on the established parties and start with a clean slate.

Welcome to the club my Chinese friends. You have just been EU'd.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

The foul stench of envirofascist hypocrisy

When the power mongering envirofascists come knocking for more cash

Remember this

Hat tip to the folks at Junk Science

Because the arrogant fools telling us all to give up freedoms and hand over money, while not doing so themselves, know exactly what they are doing. Everything they do is designed to make their lives better, the control even deeper and remove the risk that this might end as remote as possible.

Friday, 18 July 2008

Clowns make the borrowing rules up as they go along

We pay for this crap news

Chancellor Alistair Darling says he has made no decision on relaxing government rules on borrowing, but said they are constantly kept under review.

He said the world's economy was going through its "greatest shock" for 60 years. The government had to help but rules remained "critically important".

The Treasury is considering changing the rule that public sector debt should not exceed 40% of national income.

This would be hillarious if it wasn't so serious. All those years I had to endure the gormless moron that is Brown, being touted as some sort of prudent miracle worker. People who I though had sense were telling me how he really was quite a good Chancellor, but all I could see was a lying, theiving shaven monkey.

I couldn't decide if he was just thick, or intentially destroying Britain. He smashed and grabbbed the pensions, making sure people had to go cap in hand to the state when they are old and vunerable.

He built up a tax system so complex, so bloated and so hard to fathom for the oridinary person, but so easy to manipulate for the crook.

He piled record taxation on the people who generate wealth in this country.

He told us how there would be no more boom and bust, even though house prices were running out of control and debt was soaring.


They should all be thrown out on their ears for so many issues, it isn't funny.

Iraq :- They should be in prison for lying, warcrimes and mass slaughter.
EU :- They should be hung for treason, after lying to the British people over and over again, while handing powers over to their buddies. They even PROMISED us a referendum in their manifestos, then reneged on that promise.
Tax : They steal more from us than any other government ever. And for what?
Freedoms : They have whipped up the fear with the bogus war on terror, to destroy the freedoms many fought to preserve.

Surely the current political class (and I include ALL the British parties in this), is the most deceitful, damaging and treacherous scum ever to walk this planet.

Not only Britain, but Europe and the World needs to have a clear out. All the established Mafia gangs have to be purgeed from politics and people with a bit of integrity put in their places. That means throwing away the "better the devil you know" comfort blanket and backing smaller parties that have been calling this for some time.

I'm backing the Libertarian Party, but there are others, like UKIP who would be 1000% better than the current rabble. Let's stop trusting the fools that put us in this state, to get us out of it!

Thursday, 17 July 2008

So, the council strikers aren't getting paid. Does the taxpayer get a rebate then?

You know how things work in the private sector.

The client or customer first of all has his own hard earned money. Because he/she had to earn it, they are careful with it and want value for money. This means they shop around a bit and make sure they pick a service that performs to their standards, as the best price possible. If that service doesn't deliver, they can either expect some sort of compensation, due to the contract being broken, or that can ditch the poorly perfoming service and get a new one.

In Neo-Communist Britain, we don't have any choice in many areas any more. The Mafia (government) have a package of services that you can't refuse. Whether you want them or not, you have to pay for them. You have to pay for these "services", otherwise you go to prison, with the state using violence if necessary. The Mafia is actually quite tame compaired to what we have now.

Of course the services are "you get what you are given", as the tools of the State hand out the contracts to their lacky friends, or people who will help their party to stay in power. In the States they call that "special interests". If you ever look at how much companies spend on advertising, marketing and promotion, you should feel deeply uncomfortable at the realative peanuts that are spent on elections campaigns. Uncomforatbale, beacause it proves that the elections are really just a token effort, to help con the people into feeling they have some sort of say in things. The people with real power and money don't bother with elections, other than to make sure they have friends in the right places.

So we end up with shoddy services we may not even want or need, no say in the way they are deleivered and for all the people that actually do work for a productive company, you have to heavily subsidise

1) All the people that simply can't be arsed to work.
2) All the people who work for the government (1 in 4).
3) All the pensions of people, because the State wasted the money they put in over the years.
4) All the illegal and immoral wars ultra egos like Blair took us into. Yes your money helped kill some children, does it make you feel proud?

Listening to the radio, I heard council workers all coming on to say how they had to suffer to strike. How they wouldn't be getting paid for the days they did it. Now as I said before, this half a million people going on strike has made precisley nil difference to my life as things stand. However, while the state is witholding payment from them, I don't seem to see any rebate appearing in my account. It's a bit like my company charging another for 3 days of my consultancy, without me actually having to turn up. Seriously, the state is a parasite of the worst order. It sucks the lifeforce from both directions!

The absoulte worst thing about the state, is that the bigger it gets, the more addicted the people are to it. Those 1 in 4 public workers depend on it. Those 8 million economically inactive people demand it. We have been conditioned into being a bunch of overreliant sheep. Instead of putting the power into our own hands, to do what is right and what we want, we have allowed a parasite to take all the power away.

Communist Russia seems to be the model people crave. Where people ended with sod all and the State owned you.

Yet people are told stealing is wrong when they copy a movie. You couldn't make it up really.

Maybe if people took the advice of airlines during an emergency, then we might make some progress. If you have ever flown, you will have seen the card what to do if smoke fills the cabin. The advice is that you secure your OWN oxygen mask first, before trying to help children or others. That's right, you have to make sure YOU are able to breath, before you try and save others.

Britain is filling with the putrid smoke of fascism at the momement. Big government, colluding with the elites of this world to keep the plebs in their place. Instead of playing along to their game, we all need to take self responibility and reject their pathetic nanny state. It is a rancid, horrible old pervert of a nanny, who will make us suffer in the end.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Mafia says it will call again later.

Establishment Propaganda Tool

The planned 2p increase in fuel duty this October is to be postponed.

This is the second time it has been put back - it was due to be introduced in March, but was delayed for six months because of rising oil prices.

Are we supposed to be grateful for this? The theiving bastards tell us they will postone the smash and grab, just at a time when they are helping themselves massivley anyway, and they expect us to be happy? How how about you kiss my arse Darling? You might be O.K. in your ivory tower, sucking the British workforce dry, but I am becoming mightly sick of it.

Given the reliance the British economy and people have on the car, a decent, caring and honest government would be SLASHING the tax on fuel right now. Don't give me all the horseshite about green issues, the reality is our fat bloated and crooked government have gorged themselves on taxation at our expense. It is a monster, that will try and keep growing at every chance. A parasite, that doesn't care if it kills the host it feeds from.

Alistair Darling said the move, which comes as oil prices continue to hit new peaks, would help motorists and businesses during difficult times.

That must secure his position as favorite for the c*** of the year award. Only Brown is in the running, along with Cameron. This pathetic token of an effort isn't going to help anyone. It is just helping the muppets drain that last bit of money from the long suffering British worker.

The Tories are proposing a "fair fuel duty stabiliser" which would lower the levy when the cost of fuel goes up and increase it when it drops.

The RAC welcomed Mr Darling's announcement, but said: "It does not go far enough. We would like to see the chancellor not just postpone future rises but actually cut fuel duty."

Blue Labour indeed. The Tories are banking on fuel coming down in price at some point. It will, either through the speculation dying away, or different methods of fuel becoming available. Blue Labour want to make sure they lock in todays high prices though, so we should all see this scam for what it is again, from the most dishonest party in British politics.

How come just as I feel my contempt for the politicians ruining my life and our freedoms can't get any lower, it plummets to epic new levels?

Council workers on strike. Hands up anyone who has noticed?

That is a serious question by the way. I realise there will be many who will have been effected, but then I bet I am not the only one who is "effect free". Sure I pay a shed load of cash in, but to be frank, I don't get any kind of value for it.

Having my rubbish collected once a fortnight seems to be the only true benefit I get now. So forgive me for not jumping up and down in distress that I can't visit the museum today, or that someone else's kids are getting the day off.

This is the problem though isn't it. The government FORCE us into paying into this socialist insurance scheme. It isn't unlike the mafia, only the mafia at least are honest that they are basically robbing you.

The whole of society is geared to keeping people dependent on the state. Instead of being able to earn and keep your own money, thus allowing you the choice of where to send your kids to school, or which rubbish disposal service you use. The worst part of this, is you have to pay for services, even if you don't need or want them.

Even worse than that, is because you have no choice, there is no real incentive for these services to perform. They know the government will pass them the stolen funds no matter what. Many of the "leaders" in council work, have decided they should be paid the same as the top performers in the private sector, while keeping the real workers on the front line on minimal wage.

Over 1 in 4 people now work for the government too. How can any system sustain that kind of rate? 8 million are economically inactive, so that leaves a dwindling amount of people bringing real wealth into the system. The same people who are now leaving the country in droves, after growing sick of huge taxation and being told what to do.

Is Britain being destroyed by design? Are we heading for the same model as the USSR?

When are we all going to tell the statists and socialists to do one?

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Is Dave Cameron a Communist?

Biased drivel

David Cameron has called for US-style protection laws for firms at risk of going bust - but also said he could not rule out tax rises in the future.

The Conservatives would adopt a version of the chapter 11 scheme which gives businesses a "breathing space" to establish funds and save jobs, he said.

Mr Cameron said a "full-blown plan" was needed to cope with the credit crunch.

More conformation that Dave Cameron is a total arsehole. Yet, Blue Labours loyalist will beg us to believe that this is just a ruse. That he doesn't really believe in Communism, the EU, high taxation and a police state, that he is just doing it to win over the Libby Dems and Labour voters. Heck it would seem like a fair strategy, as the people seem to fall for any old BS the media chucks at them.

But the problem is, Red Dave will deliver exactly what he is promising. He knows the EU plan for Britain and it isn't more freedom, less government interference in our lives and a return to a responsible society. They want us to be a bunch of dribbling low payed chavs, killing each other and fully dependent on big government.

Of course the last thing our economy needs is higher taxation. When you are in the shit, the last thing you need is more shit being heaped on the people supposedly keeping this country going. I suspect that crashing this country is 100% part of the plan though. If Britain is ever to totally surrender as a bit part player in a United States for EUrope, they need us to be on our knees first.

Red Dave is clearly the choice to make this happen. The Tories started our decent into the cesspit that is the EU and I fully expect Red Dave to do all he can to keep us going.

Higher taxes indeed. Is there a single Tory voter out there who will come and tell me why this shower of shite will be any better than Labour? They are promising the same turd, just rapped in a blue bow instead of a red one.

The fact he is talking about using our stolen tax money to help failing companies survive should be ringing alarm bells too. Instead of making Britain an low tax, low regulation free nation, he is looking to people like Lenin, Stalin and Marx for his economic inspiration.

Anyone who votes for any subsidary of blue Labour is fool. A fool that wants to make my life poorer, less free and worse. Therefore that makes you the enemy.

When are people going to stop giving these cretins the time of day and trusting them to come good? Ditch the bloody lot of them now. We are in for pain whatever now, so why not take this opportunity to make sure we clense our system of all the parasites, traitors, career merchants and corrupt? No more LibLabCon. Vote Libertarian, vote UKIP, vote Independent, vote ANYONE but this coalition of the wicked.

Monday, 14 July 2008

Youngsters now the target of fascist

Government tool news

The legal blood alcohol limit should be cut to zero for drivers aged 17 to 20, England's chief medical officer says.

Sir Liam Donaldson said in his annual report that although there was a risk the move would be unpopular among young people, it would improve road safety.

Once again, instead of going after the people that actually hurt others, they want to ruin everyones lives.

Kid goes to a party, has a few beers. Gets the taxi home. Feels fine the next day, but because he has 1 nano bit of alcohol left in his bloodstream, the police state ruins his life, by adding drunk driver to his record.

I bet Sir fascist likes a drink though eh? I bet he did so when he was young too. Instead of going after the ones who really are a danger, they go for this catch all bullshit as usual. Sir Fascist won't care that this might send thousands of youngsters OFF the rails, by criminalising people who actually haven't hurt anyone or thing.

Go after the REAL criminals you fuckwits and then be seen to punish them properly. No wonder people are growing sick of this horrible country. It is being turned into a toilet.

Brown targets poor families for some more fascism


More than 110,000 "problem families" with disruptive youngsters will be targeted as part of a crackdown on knife crime, Gordon Brown has said.

They will get parenting supervision, with the worst 20,000 families facing eviction if they do not respond.

Eviction? Is this Muppet talking about council house owners then? The core Labour vote of one time, though I suspect he has lost most of them now.

If he is talking about privately owned homes, then he is seriously overstepping the line once again. How about you stick to the law this country built up with care, blood, sweat and tears. You know. The one where you have to put the accused on trial and convict them for crimes, instead of this kind of BS.

The prime minister aimed to make it "unacceptable" to carry a knife

Sorry but that will NEVER be unacceptable to me. Stabbing someone or even threatening someone, yes, carrying no. Why is it he always wants to go for the easy target? When is he going to realise this does nothing but alienate the law abiding people, while having zero effect on the real criminals?

At this rate, he will secure himself a place as head of crime for the EU.

"What I want to see is anybody who is using a knife goes to prison. Anybody who is carrying a knife is subject to either prison or a strong community payback that forces them to give service to the community," he said.

Changed his tune a bit there hasn't he? Using a knife in an aggressive unprovoked act, deserves severe punishment. If he means using it to peel an apple though, then I am not so happy. I have to ask, because you never know with this prize plum.

He said stop and search powers would be increased, with more visible policing and 110,000 "problem" families with "disruptive young people" would be dealt with.

Ahhh, the good old rules of a police state. Stuff going after the real criminals, lets try and make criminals of everyone. Carpet layer coming home from work, tough, your nicked son. Boy scout on his way home, after using your penknife to whittle bark off of sticks (like I used to do)? Oh dear, a letter to your mum and dad frightening the shit out of them is in order. God help them if they are on holiday.

Habeas Corpus lies in tatter and Brown decides to piss on it as well. How much more of this idiot do we have to endure?

Parents will be put on intensive courses to help them supervise their children.

*shudders at what that will contain and what the criteria for being put on it are.*

Control freak doesn't describe this arsehole. The fact is his policies that have stripped away self reponsibilities for years, combined with weak law enforcement that is more interested in making money from the motorist, are the reason we are where we are. Do we really want to be taking more advice and medicine from this stool of a man?

There will be more "community pay back sentences", where young offenders have to "pay back for doing wrong", with communities choosing penalties such as cleaning streets on a Friday or Saturday night or clearing up graffiti.

That would be good for people tried and convicted of real crime. However, I question what he means by wrong. Not voting Labour is probably wrong in this divots mind.

According to the British Crime Survey (BCS), overall violent crime has decreased by 41% since a peak in 1995.

Hysterical laughter ripples around Britain in disbelief.

Knives are used in about 8% of violent incidents, according to the BCS, a level that has largely remained the same during the past decade

Now that I can believe. Less than on in ten, yet king moron and his underling moronettes bang the drum of fascism to attack this one tool. Do they think those 8% will suddenly become saints? Can you get any more incredulous at these feeble minded fools than me?

The home secretary told MPs people caught carrying knives were now three times more likely to end up in custody - and to get a longer sentence.

So thugs, remember that. Switch to the old snooker ball in a football sock method and you'll be fine.

The government's measures, overseen by Alf Hitchcock who is deputy assistant commissioner for Scotland Yard, will focus on eight police areas including London, the West Midlands, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Lancashire, Essex and the Thames Valley.

Alf Hitchcock? Are they taking the piss? Well they have been for the rest of this article.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Ron Paul proves our media is controlled.

Hear about this on the news? 10's of thousands of people march through the capitol of the USA and this doesn't get a peep of coverage.

I think that says all we need to know about the media worldwide.

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Dole, safety net or safety blanket?

Being on the dole for many people is a degrading and humiliating experience. I know people in my family who have signed on to the dole, after working for years, because they were made redundant or whatever.

I have been very lucky so far, in that I have always managed to find employment. The fact I would be willing to do almost any job, before I going begging others for help may have something to do with that, but I accept that some people are more employable than others. When I get older for instance it may become harder.

I don't have much of a problem with a fact a portion of the money stolen from me, via taxation is used to stop people from starving, through no fault of their own. Now though, I don't accept that number of people should be anywhere near as high as it is now though and now that the politicians have allowed open door, unlimited immigration from the rest of the EU, this system is seriously broken.

The idea that that "they do the jobs that British people won't" suggests to me that the dole is a problem. A big problem, as it is allowing the lazy, workshy bastards to take advantage of the system and give the genuine claimants a very bad name. Those genuine claimants are probably also suffering, as rather than employ a 60 year old who was just made redundant, I bet companies will choose a young Pole, who will work for minimum wage and be grateful.

So we have a broken system, that is actually creating an underclass that are happy to bludge of the state. Now the state may be (intentionally in my mind) making it VERY easy for people to take this decision, because you can earn more or at least as much for doing nothing, rather than have to work. I can hardly blame someone if they feel they can give their kids more and have more time for themselves, by taking the handout option. Of course, you will then have those that take advantage further, by doing some cash in hand jobs while claiming the dole.

The system is not fit for purpose anymore and probably wasn't ever a fair system to the tax payer. I would rather we had a Libertarian society, where the government didn't take a penny from people in income tax. There would be more jobs available and there would be very little excuse for not working. There would be no such thing as "jobs Brits won't do", because if you don't do it, then you don't eat. Unless of course you can con some charity to pay out to you.

However, maybe there is a halfway house here. Maybe a dole system could be in place, but instead of just being handed money for doing nothing, 3/4 of the time would be dedicated to doing work. All tax payers would be entitled to the service of the people on the dole in their town. They could wash cars, cut the grass, help paint a room, go cleaning up the rubbish, you name it. Don't do the work and you don't get your dole. It would not be an easy cop out, but at the same time would stop people from starving and the tax payer would see a return on their money.

Of course I would rather that the state not play any part in this. I'd rather private companies were set up, totally tax free and allowed to pay whatever the market rate was for low end jobs. I doubt there would be any shortage of work at all in that instance and the only people who couldn't work, were those that truly had a good excuse. There would be no more humiliation of "scrounging" because you would be earning your living. Of course, most people would try to improve their jobs over time.

As things stand though, billions of pounds are spent on paying people to do nothing, while those billions + admin + corruption are stolen from the people who do work and we get NOTHING in return, other than the feeling that if we lose our jobs, then it would be better to go sponging from the dole, rather than get a job flipping burgers or whatever. Thanks, but no thanks.

Sometimes I get ex young offenders come around my house, looking to sell various over priced stuff in a box. I actually like this a bit, as at least has them trying and shows they are putting their dodgy past behind them. Why don't have have people offering to clean my car and cut my garden though? I tell you, if I was made redundant tomorrow, that is the first thing I would be doing. Walking around neighbourhoods, offering my services for cash in hand. There is plenty of work out there for people who are willing to get out there and do it. Not one person has ever come around my house to do this though. Not one person has though stuff the dole, I'm going to get myself back on track. Why?

Interesting quotes in video

So were all of these historical figure in power a bunch of conspiracy nuts?

If it happened then, could it be happening now?

I don't think the fact certain powers want a one world government is a theory. It is a fact and people like Brown have openly stated that is the goal. Indeed, more and more world leaders make that intention clear.

If you understand that, then you understand how much control over key parts of society these groups have. At some point we are going to have to reject their system, or we call all kiss freedom goodbye and say hello to full on fascism.

Zimbabwe show why the UN and any idea of "world government" is a farce.

Tax TV channel

Britain and the US have condemned Russia and China for vetoing a draft UN Security Council resolution to impose sanctions on Zimbabwe's leaders.
UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband said their veto was incomprehensible, especially as Russia had earlier suggested it backed tougher action.

You know, I have be reticent to comment on the whole issue of Zimbabwe before. My big problem, is that I have to rely in the MSM and given that I have seen how biased they are, I struggle to believe a word they say these days.

Still, I also have more quality information from people who have actually fled the country. The whites in that country certainly have been treated like scum and thrown off of their land. Problem is, I didn't see much resistance from the PEOPLE of Zimbabwe to this. Indeed, I think they were quite happy to see it happen, in the hope that they might get a piece of what was "stolen" from them.

Zimbabwe has become a basket case economy since then and many of the farms stolen have been left to rot. So there is no doubt in my mind that Mugabe is scum, but then I don't have much respect for any of the power hungry leaches that "run" our nations today. Let us not forget that Mugabe was a buddy of the west up until fairly recently. Indeed it was Sir Robert for a long time, even if Douglas Hurd tried to pretend he couldn't remember. There are pictures of him with the Queen, smiling, all rulers together.

Still, I still think he needs to be kicked out. However, unlike the moral crusaders who think there should be some sort of world community, dominated by a world government of some sort, I totally wouldn't do ANYTHING, other than try to make sure the people of Zimbabwe have access to as much free speech as possible. To me it is still fairly clear that Mugabe does in fact have strong support. If the people in Zimbabwe want to change this, then THEY are going to have to fight for their freedom. At the moment, there is scant evidence that they are willing to do that. Maybe they are waiting to see if the ballot box method might work still?

Anyway, I simply don't trust our own government to do the right thing on this issue. They are power mad, ego driven fools. They certainly want to try and create this "World Government", but as we can see from all the countries going against them on this issue, the idea is doomed and no one wants it. The old saying "don't put all your eggs in one basket" seems to be very accurate for me. As things stand, if a government, like Zimbabwe or the U.K. goes rotten, then at least it is just that one part of the world that suffers. Can you imagine having a world government that goes bad? Heck, it's like giving Hitler the keys to the vehicle he FAILED to try and create.

The worst thing about it, is you can almost GUARANTEE that it would be a rotten government from the start. Firstly, because there will/can not/never will be any way it could be democratic. Democracy can only work on a local level, where people feel they can make some difference. Heck, even on a European level it FAILS miserably, as we can all see from the way the fascists that run the EU are behaving after the Irish vote. They just want to ignore Ireland, ban parties like UKIP and make sure the proles NEVER have a chance to stop their powermongering again.

So world government is a one way ticket to hell. Spread the eggs, by having a loose collection of independent, sovereign nations, that can co-operate, or not, depending on their peoples wishes. We have different cultures and different values that shift over time. Trying to merge them all together and concentrate power into the hands of those that are willing to lie, cheat and manipulate way to the top of a very greasy poll is crazy. Only tyrants and nutters in history have tried to do this and it ALWAYS ends in tears, as people demand their freedom back in the end.

Back to Zimbabwe for a bit though and lets point out the manipulation by our own politicians and their willing lap dogs in the media again.

First up, the very headline itself.

Fury as Zimbabwe sanctions vetoed

Fury and vetoed. Fury from who? The neighbours of Zimbabwe? Nope, South Africa voted AGAINST sanctions. Indeed, rather than just being the good old enemy (Russia and China), there are a number of other countries "vetoing" sanctions too. For instance ANOTHER African nation in Libya. You know, that country that is run by a guy who was meant to be the Mugabe of his day, but suddenly became the USA and Britain's best buddy, thanks to his help on the disgraceful "war on an adjective". Vietnam also came out on the noes side, but perhaps they are biased, because they remember the time the USA tried to kick their arse to get regime change (you know before Iraq). So "Fury" is only coming from one portion of the world, and it isn't a veto, when on a democratic vote a decent amount of the worlds power VOTES against it. Yes I know the world war victory parade rules stuff all of the power in certain hands, and that just getting 9 of the usual suspects is usually enough, but the world has changed. How can you possibly say the world agrees, when China and Russia don't? That's a lot of people right there and I certainly wouldn't call their voice, along with the African neighbours a "veto".

Now who knows what motive those countries have. They may just be being selfish and want the business of the basket case economy that is Zimbabwe. Or they may just not like the usual suspects throwing their weight around, trying to bully other countries into doing things their way. Or maybe, like me, they might want to at least see some sign that the Zimbabwean people have put in a solid effort to change THEIR regime.

So in summary, let me make it clear that I have no time for Mugabe. He hasn't quite killed as many people as Blair did, but he is a powermonger and control freak, just like many world "leaders" are. Africa doesn't seem to be overly concerned though and I think we have to ask why that is? Maybe Africa agrees with Mugabe, that the West have interfered with their continent for too long and are trying to make sure they stay subservient. What does need to happen, is they need to sort themselves out, instead of having the liars and cheats from our nations, riding in full of moral outrage, instead of sorting out their own countries BIG problems.

I think if there had been a load of oil in the region, then Mugabe would have been long gone, but slowly destroying the people so that they turn big time on their leader, probably is the method of choice for the one worlders, when the immediate gain of oceans of oils aren't there.

These views, as always, are my own and probably not those of the Libertarian Party (or indeed anyone who takes the MSM as gospel).

Friday, 11 July 2008

Finally, one where you question if the law is in fact an ass

"Lord had previous convictions for carrying a knife, assault, racist violence, vandalism and robbery. He was detained indefinitely under the Mental Health Act. He will be released from a secure hospital only with the Home Secretary's approval."

O.K. So in this instance the guy IS a criminal. A clinically insane one, that has been caught ACTUALLY committing violent crime before. Yet he was allowed out to commit further crimes. The law is nuts. It goes after people for doing nothing, but then lets people who actually commit crime off lightly. This is what is wrong with this country and I can't help but feel this is intentional. Not even the most moronic of morons would think differently, so what is the game here?

I think we have a situation where they WANT there to be fear and crime on the streets. They want it, so that they have an excuse for a big government and more excuse to grab more powers to harass ALL of us, not just the criminals. If they cleared up crime and made people realise it isn't worth it, then people wouldn't need or want them. This frightens the Socialists/Marxists as big government is required for their ideology to have any chance of taking off.

I don't believe the law makers of this country are so stupid that they don't see this.

The more you look, the more disturbing it gets.

I am pretty much disgusted right now. As you have seen below, putting too much power into certain peoples hands is a VERY bad idea. Go on to Youtube and you will find many more just like this.

No wonder the country is losing all respect for the law. How much further are we going to let this country decend? This isn't just the odd isolated icidence. We are slipping into the culture of a full on police state, yet all our politiicans want to do is make it more so.

If action is taken now, we can stop this getting out of hand.

Evidence of why this focus on "knife" crime is a joke.

I think this demonstrates the farce of focusing on the tool, rather than the crime nicely.

So you have banned guns, so the thugs move on to blades. You ban blades, so the thugs move on to bottles or sticks. You ban then, so they have snooker balls in socks.

End of the day, if a thug wants to hurt someone, they can do it with many tools. They will either just ignore the ban anyway, or create a new one that isn't banned.

The only people who will get hassled and punished are the innocent, who were just trying to go about their daily business.

Then combine all these dumb laws that are now coming out, with the "Little Hitler" syndrome, that a lot of these plastic policeman seem to have in particular and you have a recipe for disaster.

Honestly. When are we going to get someone in power who has half a brain? Someone who will focus on WHY people are willing to seriously hurt each other. Someone who will make the punishment for real crime harsh and a deterrent, but leave the rest of us the hell alone!

Big Brother doesn't like the tables being turned

We all know the state likes to keep its eyes on all of us, for as much as possible.

So you would think they wouldn't mind us all filming each other in public right?


Check this video out. It is incredible how rude the Micky Mouse police bully is at the start. The fact he can barely speak English, while policing in England should be of some concern too.

What are we allowing our country to become? When your kid looks you in the eye and asks how Britain became a fascist police state, will you be able to look them in the eye back?

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Haltemprice by-election

Yep I supported Davis in making "Big Brother" an issue. Indeed, so did the party I belong to.

However, I no longer do.

Why? Because just as many predicted and I suspected also, this was all a bit of a sham. The "debate" was stifled, kept very narrow and after the initial splash, was allowed to die out.

I don't care if people think David Icke is a nut job or not. He was a candidate at this election and should have been given a chance to "debate" with Davis. Instead, Davis had his goons stop Icke from attending a "public" meeting and just had a few lackies there to kiss his arse.

I'm sorry, but that simply isn't good enough. Even if Davis was concerned about his reputation, he should still have allowed Icke to attend his "public" meeting. The fact is, Icke has some good points on the Big Brother debate. Why is it happening all over the world? Why are the people supporting Davis all linked with surveillance and monitoring people (Big Brother).

He had some valid questions and Davis refused to answer them. I no longer support him and I hope people will vote for some of the other candidates that really do support freedom.

Shock, horror. Labour caught lying about taxation. Again.

Orwell was right

An estimated nine million motorists will have to pay more road tax under reforms aimed at punishing gas-guzzling vehicles, the government has admitted.

Official estimates say vehicle excise duty will rise for 44% of vehicles made since 2001 - by up to £245 for the most polluting ones - but will fall for 33%.

Oh I m surprised. Whoda thunk Labour would use their pet tax grabbing method of envirofascism/fraud, to drain out a little bit more life blood from the British people. Seriously, you couldn't make this stuff up.

The fact we are one of the most heavily taxed motoring nations on earth, thanks to sky high fuel taxation, doesn't matter to these leaches.

Even the most gullible green must be starting to understand that their movement has been hijacked by the same old suspects by now. The power-mongers and control freaks think all their Christmases have come at once with the "co2 is bad and it's all our fault" wheeze. Oh how they must laugh, while jetting around the world in their private, air conditioned jets, on their way to some massive junket.

Could this era go down as the one where the masses were the most gullible, stupid and easily conned in history? I think it will go down as the neo dark ages.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Blue Labour show they won't be any different

Taxpayer Paid Propaganda

A Tory government would encourage schemes under which people would be paid to recycle, shadow chancellor George Osborne is due to announce.

I hate the media. They just spew out the shite that the politicians want them too and hope that no one notices the con. I personally am SICK TO DEATH of envirofascism being rammed down my gullet, but I do need to take a deep breath, and make sure I don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. After all, I don't want to see the "environment" damaged either.

But I also don't like being lied to and conned, so that the same old bunch of control mongers can take the royal piss out of the taxpayer and public in general. So, let us go through this article an point out the rotten nature of politics in Britain today.

The very first line above gets us off to a VERY bad start. Every time a party talks about paying people, or giving things away for free, remember this is bullshit. The government only has money that it takes from us, the taxpayer in the first place. Thus this attempt to make it sound positive, by bribing people into doing their recycling has a cost. A big one, when you take into account the admin, bureaucracy and waste that will be involved.

Mr Osborne will argue that current government policies are unpopular and suggest that "instead of using sticks, we can use carrots" to boost recycling.

Again, like a used car salesmen, he tries to spin it that this is in some way, more positive. It might feel like it to the person getting paid to alter their behaviour, but inside that carrot is a bigger stick. The stick of extra taxation, or at best regulation on companies to change their behaviour, which in turn, will usually manifest as extra cost to the consumer/taxpayer.

Firms in the US have shown how to "make it pay to go green", he will add.

What he forgets to say, is firms in the US quite possibly had no choice in the matter. Of course there are occasions when it pays to go green. When the packaging of a product costs more to make from new, than it would to collect, ship, clean, sort, reform, ship again. With today's modern packaging, this is actually quite rare. Some argue that aluminium cans for instance are worthwhile collecting, due to the very high initial cost of extracting the materials to make it. This could be what he is talking about, with American companies that do pay a "return price" on a can of soda, for example.

I have to ask the question though. If it REALLY is in the companies interest to recollect these cans, then why aren't companies just doing that anyway? All good companies try to make themselves as efficient as possible and huge companies like Coca Cola, will have nailed their process down to be as efficient as possible. Yet throughout most of the world, they don't pay people to return their cans. Why not? The reason I think is clear and that reason is because it doesn't pay at all. It loses them money, so if they can get away with it, they will.

Now obviously just the economic side of things shouldn't be all that matters, but I will come on to that later. For now, let us just realise we are being lied to again and being green won't pay at all. I don't know about you, but I prefer to be given the facts and not a load of fantasy by a bunch of preening control freaks.

In a speech to pressure group the Green Alliance, he will also say landfill tax rates would not fall under the Tories.

"This will send a powerful signal to businesses and councils that innovative approaches... are possible," he will say.

Now this is the sort of thing that REALLY winds me up. He is of course, doing as all politicians do and trying to play to the audience. He is trying to con the hippies he is speaking to here, into believing that the Tories actually come up with this "policy", when in reality, they have no choice as long as Britain remains a member of the EU. The EU has decreed that the member nations (they like to call us states), have to cut their landfill. This actually stems from Holland on this occasion, as they simply have problems with landfill, due to them being under sea level and the problems this causes for the water table.

The fact Britain has no such problems and could quite easily landfill forever more, without running out of space, doesn't matter. We could quite happily continue to landfill rubbish, that will decompose one day, but until then, who cares if we bury it, as long as it is done right? You syphon the gas off of it for a while, providing much needed alternate energy. You then cover it over and have a wildlife reserve on top. Or a golf course. Or a shopping centre. Or whatever you want, because let's face it, we simply don't care what is under the ground. Landfill is the best solution for rubbish we truly don't want or need. It is cheap, safe and has very little effect on the environment. Much less than burning it, or worse, trying to reform it when it is economically retarded to do so.

The Tories, like the pathetic, spineless and subservient muppets that they are, choose to take their orders from the out of touch centre. They really are a waste of space and prove that nothing will change under them. They will tinker around the edges, but they will retain the one way ticket to shit hole that has been selected for this country.

Mr Osborne will tell the Green Alliance that he has found his solution in the US, where, as in the UK, councils pay a tax on every tonne of rubbish they send to landfill.

Did he say the US or the USSR there? Perhaps it was a typo? Does he not know that the council is funded by, errrrrrr, the taxpayer? The council will simply pass these costs on to the fools that put these idiots in charge. Yes you guessed it us, the gullible tax payer. Now I don't want to throw that baby out with the bath water, so I am going to put my positive alternative. I agree that someone has to take ownership of the fact that some rubbish needs to be dealt with. Silly me, I used to think that is what my council tax was for, after all it is so huge. However, because that scheme was based on councils being able to do what they thought best, instead of taking their orders like a bitch from the centre, as they do now. Heck even that old method probably wasn't the optimum method, but here is my proposal, that is fair.

When a product is made, part of the cost of that product should be factored in for the disposal of rubbish. Now that clearly means that people should no longer have to fund rubbish collection again from their homes, because it will be paid for up front on buying the product. This will have a number of effects.

Companies will look at ways to get that cost as low as possible. So they will not put unnecessary packaging on the product, as it will become too expensive and people won't buy it. Instead they will either use the absolute minimum of packaging, or look at a scheme of REUSING containers or packaging. You know like the old days, people would take their containers to the shops and take the product away. Now people might not want to do that, so fine, companies that want to make it convenient will be able to, but at a slight extra cost for taking care of the waste. Only fair and people will have the choice, as will the companies. All of that extra "rubbish tax" should go to the local area where the product is to be sold, as they will be the ones who have to get rid of the vast bulk of it. I would consider removing this cost for products that are shipped abroad and then it is up to that country whether they introduce a tax to take care of it their side of things.

In conjunction with this, and sorry, but we would have to withdraw from the EU to do this, we should allow the local ELECTED authorities to decide HOW they will dispose of their rubbish. Heck, they may choose to outsource it to 3rd world countries who could do with the money and may be able to do something with it. Or they may choose to landfill it. Or they may choose to burn it or worse, recycle it. It will be up to each local area to decide on how they are to dispose of their rubbish. The people will have REAL accountability and will ultimately decide how their local area deals with it. Hell they may even change their minds from time to time. Whatever the local scheme costs, will be what the initial cost on the products will be. Call it disposal tax or whatever, but at the end of the day, good behaviour will be what people want to do if they want to keep their costs down and being responsible for their own actions. If they want disposable packaging, then they will be able to, at a fair cost to them and society.

Me personally, I would vote for whatever the cheapest and least harmful to my local area was. If that means shipping it to China, then fine, as long as they are willing to take the coin, that is their choice. Otherwise I would go right back to land fill, which is the cheapest and most sensible way of dealing with it. If anyone saw that programme on what would happen if humans disappeared tomorrow, you will have noticed that ALL traces of human life would be GONE in a few of hundred years. Thus what we bury is of no consequence at all in the big scheme of things.

What's even better about my scheme, is that the best way of doing things, will be spread throughout the country. No town will want to have unnecessary expense on their products, so people will vote in the people with the best solutions. If their town gets it wrong, they will vote them out. If they get it badly wrong, then they may go and use a neighbouring town for shopping instead, which will REWARD the most efficient towns. Failing councils will get booted out quick smart and there will be real incentive for local level politicians to get it right.

You know it makes sense. Anyway, that was my plan, so back to gormless George of Blue Labour.

He is expected to highlight some US companies which offer to cut the landfill tax bill by increasing recycling rates.

Weasel words. As I said before, if it was net cheaper to recycle than just throw away, then that is what companies would be doing now. What his little plan DOESN'T factor in, is the immense subsidies that recycling companies would need to be paid by, you know who.

These firms use financial incentives to get the public on board - the more people recycle, the more they can earn - and then themselves earn a share of the savings in landfill tax payments to local authorities.

Again, all funded by the tax payer. Now if the tax payer decided this was the best method in their area, then that is fine, as they have to pay for it. Heck, you might even see the benefit, as it means tramps will go around picking up your rubbish for you. If that truly was the case, then maybe that would be part of the scheme companies would use to reduce their costs in my scheme. The good thing with my scheme, is the rubbish will get collected one way or another, but it will be in everyone's interest to get the best method. With the subsidised recycling method, the benefit is slanted in the favour of recycling companies and the taxpayer is penalised.

In some communities, such schemes have increased the amount of household waste being recycled by more than 200%, Mr Osborne will add.

"I want to see this innovative approach rolled out across the UK."

Again this makes the assumption that recycling is the ultimate and best way. I refute that. I suggest reusing is a better way, but that even if people wanted to just throw away, then they could do that at a relatively low cost to their pocket and to the environment. Can you imagine the bureaucracy that would need to be involved in this scheme too? The costs would be immense, but because they are all hidden "commie style", George thinks it is great. It ain't and you are a moron George. Hiding sticks in carrots doesn't fool me, but I do fear many could fall for it. This is the problem with Socialism, it wraps turds up so nicely, that only the truly anal (like me) who pay attention to these things, are willing to do a turd scan on the package being offered.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Another step toward Hitlers dream

Establishment tool

European politicians have voted in favour of amendments to telecoms law which campaigners say could be used to curb privacy online and file-sharing.

Digital rights groups in Europe have formed a loose coalition to highlight their opposition to the amendments.

Oh what a surprise. Another excuse to snoop, spy and invade peoples privacy. In the old days, when Britain used to be a democracy that was run for its peoples interests and freedom (I do wonder if it really has ever been, but it was certainly better than now), our politicians would try to stick to the old "innocent until proven guilty" premise, that made our small country such an influence on the planet.

We are now sinking to epic new lows, as our parasitical governing class have outsourced government, to an even bigger bunch of unaccountable, unelected crooks.

It's not all their fault though. It is the public in this country. We lost our spine many years ago and our ancestors would be ashamed of the pitiful, weak and subservient losers that we have become. I never thought I would say it, but I am becoming ashamed to be British.

I just pray it is just good old British tolerance, that is just about to break.

Bunch of morons get together to pretend they can control 6 billion+ people

Brussels Broadcasting Corporation

World leaders say they will aim to set a global target of cutting carbon emissions by at least 50% by 2050 in an effort to tackle global warming.

It strengthens last year's G8 pledge to "seriously consider" the cuts.

The world is run by clowns. How this pathetic bunch of fevered egos think they have any real say in the matter, I don't know. I take it they mean human emissions (just a few % compared to natural ones).

With the population rising and more of the developing world becoming devoloped, they have around nil chance of cutting co2 "emissions" at all, never mind by 50%.

What might save these dingbats, is some people think the world will run out of oil and gas by then. That might help them to their target. Not really in their control though and not really going to make much difference in the grand scheme of things anyway.

With the planet still at record low levels of co2, you would think they would be trying to find ways to increase it. Especially as co2 is vital for all life to survive and we are due another ice age soonish too.

Monday, 7 July 2008

Gordon the moron lectures the proles on waste

Are we living in Russia news?

Britons must stop wasting food in an effort to help combat rising living costs, Gordon Brown has said as world leaders discuss rising prices

The PM said "unnecessary" purchases were contributing to price rises, and urged people to plan meals in advance and store food properly.

You couldn't make it up. One of the biggest wasters in history, tells the wretched slaves of this state to stop wasting food. Food that we have had to pay through the nose for, so probably try quite hard not to waste anyway.

Maybe these pearls of wisdom would taste a little less bitter, if the fat, useless idiot purveying them, hadn't wasted so much of our resources himself. Hell, even on just the issue of food, his and his predecessors idiotic subservience to the EU and their ruinous agriculture policies have done more damage to this planet, than all of the proles efforts combined.

Screw you Gordon. I never voted for you and you have no right to tell me what to do. If I want to waste food (which obviously would be stupid seeing, as it was paid for with MY money), then that is what I will do. You can't waste food in the big scheme of things anyway, as the nutrients are just returned to the earth one way or another.

The only waste here would be my own personal wealth, which you and your cronies have hacked back more than enough, thank you very much. So jog on and lecture the idiots that are still members of your pitiful fascist party. You are the enemy, not wasting food.

Cameron backs allowing people to carry knives

Government propaganda channel

Anyone caught carrying a knife without a good excuse should expect to be sent to prison, David Cameron says.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has argued that anyone over 16 caught with an illegal knife should be prosecuted, rather than escaping with a caution.

But Mr Cameron says the presumption should go further - so anyone convicted of carrying a knife should be jailed.

Yes, I know what you are thinking. The title is wrong surely.

Well no. Look at the first line and you will see that all of the bluster after, is made null and void.

Anyone caught carrying a knife without a good excuse should expect to be sent to prison, David Cameron says.

Without good excuse. Well I can think of a multitude of good excuses, the first one being that by carrying a knife, rather than using one, you are committing no crime.

Then you could want to use the knife for a number of valid reasons. Peeling a fruit, cutting fishing wire, carving an ornament for your granny, cutting yourself free in a crash. There are a lot of good reasons for carrying a knife. Carrying a knife shouldn't be a crime.

Then there is the fact that you might want it for self defence. You may be the most law abiding, harmless, nice, high quality individual the world has seen. However if you are small and weak, then you will have absolutely no defence against someone who is much bigger and stronger than you. If they happen to be carrying a knife and if they are a criminal who wants to attack people, then they won't care for the law anyway. As the saying goes with guns, if you outlaw guns, then only the outlaws have guns.

A totally disarmed public is a one way ticket for criminals and worse, tyrannical governments and terrorists to have their way. Switzerland have understood this for some time, which is why it has one of the most heavily armed populations in the world. Oh and one of the lowest crime rates.

Call me Dave has been sly with his wordage, but that key line at the beginning says it all. There are plenty of VERY good reasons to carry a knife. A mere tool that in the right hands can only do good. The people non-Orwellian governments should go after are those that ACTUALLY commit crimes. You know, the ones that ignore laws like this anyway.