Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Mafia says it will call again later.

Establishment Propaganda Tool

The planned 2p increase in fuel duty this October is to be postponed.

This is the second time it has been put back - it was due to be introduced in March, but was delayed for six months because of rising oil prices.

Are we supposed to be grateful for this? The theiving bastards tell us they will postone the smash and grab, just at a time when they are helping themselves massivley anyway, and they expect us to be happy? How how about you kiss my arse Darling? You might be O.K. in your ivory tower, sucking the British workforce dry, but I am becoming mightly sick of it.

Given the reliance the British economy and people have on the car, a decent, caring and honest government would be SLASHING the tax on fuel right now. Don't give me all the horseshite about green issues, the reality is our fat bloated and crooked government have gorged themselves on taxation at our expense. It is a monster, that will try and keep growing at every chance. A parasite, that doesn't care if it kills the host it feeds from.

Alistair Darling said the move, which comes as oil prices continue to hit new peaks, would help motorists and businesses during difficult times.

That must secure his position as favorite for the c*** of the year award. Only Brown is in the running, along with Cameron. This pathetic token of an effort isn't going to help anyone. It is just helping the muppets drain that last bit of money from the long suffering British worker.

The Tories are proposing a "fair fuel duty stabiliser" which would lower the levy when the cost of fuel goes up and increase it when it drops.

The RAC welcomed Mr Darling's announcement, but said: "It does not go far enough. We would like to see the chancellor not just postpone future rises but actually cut fuel duty."

Blue Labour indeed. The Tories are banking on fuel coming down in price at some point. It will, either through the speculation dying away, or different methods of fuel becoming available. Blue Labour want to make sure they lock in todays high prices though, so we should all see this scam for what it is again, from the most dishonest party in British politics.

How come just as I feel my contempt for the politicians ruining my life and our freedoms can't get any lower, it plummets to epic new levels?

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