Friday, 18 July 2008

Clowns make the borrowing rules up as they go along

We pay for this crap news

Chancellor Alistair Darling says he has made no decision on relaxing government rules on borrowing, but said they are constantly kept under review.

He said the world's economy was going through its "greatest shock" for 60 years. The government had to help but rules remained "critically important".

The Treasury is considering changing the rule that public sector debt should not exceed 40% of national income.

This would be hillarious if it wasn't so serious. All those years I had to endure the gormless moron that is Brown, being touted as some sort of prudent miracle worker. People who I though had sense were telling me how he really was quite a good Chancellor, but all I could see was a lying, theiving shaven monkey.

I couldn't decide if he was just thick, or intentially destroying Britain. He smashed and grabbbed the pensions, making sure people had to go cap in hand to the state when they are old and vunerable.

He built up a tax system so complex, so bloated and so hard to fathom for the oridinary person, but so easy to manipulate for the crook.

He piled record taxation on the people who generate wealth in this country.

He told us how there would be no more boom and bust, even though house prices were running out of control and debt was soaring.


They should all be thrown out on their ears for so many issues, it isn't funny.

Iraq :- They should be in prison for lying, warcrimes and mass slaughter.
EU :- They should be hung for treason, after lying to the British people over and over again, while handing powers over to their buddies. They even PROMISED us a referendum in their manifestos, then reneged on that promise.
Tax : They steal more from us than any other government ever. And for what?
Freedoms : They have whipped up the fear with the bogus war on terror, to destroy the freedoms many fought to preserve.

Surely the current political class (and I include ALL the British parties in this), is the most deceitful, damaging and treacherous scum ever to walk this planet.

Not only Britain, but Europe and the World needs to have a clear out. All the established Mafia gangs have to be purgeed from politics and people with a bit of integrity put in their places. That means throwing away the "better the devil you know" comfort blanket and backing smaller parties that have been calling this for some time.

I'm backing the Libertarian Party, but there are others, like UKIP who would be 1000% better than the current rabble. Let's stop trusting the fools that put us in this state, to get us out of it!

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