Sunday, 27 July 2008

No light at the end of the tunnel for USA/world

Sure it's all rapped up in cudley let's all hug each other language, but there is a part of this speech that should send a chill down the spine of anyone, ANYONE who has studied history.

Like Bush, Blair and Brown, this establishment lacky is calling for a "New World Order".

How anyone who can just write this off as a "conspiracy" I have no idea, but its worse than that. He actually raised the bar and made it quite clear that "you have no choice", but to get with the programme.

Hitler tried to do it, but failed. The idea of a centrally placed power, forcing the rest of the world to do as it sees fit, is not an old one. However, the current band of control freaks have upped the game. They have learned from past failures and have a multipronged strategy, for creating worldwide subservience.

After herding the majority of sheep like humans into two camps, they are now deploying the tried and tested mechanism of fear, while playing the two camps off against each other. Orwell warned of it in 1984, but sadly this became our generation of tyrants' blueprint.

On the manufcatured left, with have the global warming sham. Worse than any of the old relgions of control, because at least they were fairly limited in their condemnation of man. This bad boy paints humanity as the enemy and suggests only global fascism can solve it, by forcing people back into the stoneage, with massive guilt attacks and fear frenzies about armageddon.

Then on the manufactured right, we have "The War On Terror", where a tiny minority of the worlds nutters, are elevated to extreme importance and scaryness, by the puppets we are told are our governments and their willing lapdogs in the media. Yes we have to surrender our privacy, money and freedom, so our one world fascist dictatorship can keep us secure.

It truly is the old one two, designed to club all people into grateful submission, for their masters to control us like never before. All you have to do is accept you are just a piece of property of the state, hand over all your wealth, surrender all your free will and do as you are told. Then they will protect you from climate change and terrorism.

What a fucking joke. They cause terrorism and have absolutely no say over what the climate of this planet will be from year to year.

Obama is using the oldest trick in the book, by saying he is for change, when nothing could be further from the truth. Obama is for more of the same and then some, just like his "opponent" McCain will be.

We can't feel any better in this country though. We are being made to hate Brown and Labour so much, that they can roll in a Blair clone, who will also give us more, much more of the same.

Humanity seems like it enjoys being enslaved. Well, at least until it realises that is the case and decides to do something about it. This generation is handing over freedom to the most powerful enemy yet though. An enemy that as usual has all the wealth, but adds to that, technological tools that no tyrant has ever even dreamed of.

However, when the people finally arouse from their slumber, they will be able to redeploy those tools, just as freedom fighters have done in the past. I just wish we could avoid putting generations through the pain of winning back their freedom, by valuing it in the first place.

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