Monday, 14 July 2008

Youngsters now the target of fascist

Government tool news

The legal blood alcohol limit should be cut to zero for drivers aged 17 to 20, England's chief medical officer says.

Sir Liam Donaldson said in his annual report that although there was a risk the move would be unpopular among young people, it would improve road safety.

Once again, instead of going after the people that actually hurt others, they want to ruin everyones lives.

Kid goes to a party, has a few beers. Gets the taxi home. Feels fine the next day, but because he has 1 nano bit of alcohol left in his bloodstream, the police state ruins his life, by adding drunk driver to his record.

I bet Sir fascist likes a drink though eh? I bet he did so when he was young too. Instead of going after the ones who really are a danger, they go for this catch all bullshit as usual. Sir Fascist won't care that this might send thousands of youngsters OFF the rails, by criminalising people who actually haven't hurt anyone or thing.

Go after the REAL criminals you fuckwits and then be seen to punish them properly. No wonder people are growing sick of this horrible country. It is being turned into a toilet.

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