Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Another step toward Hitlers dream

Establishment tool

European politicians have voted in favour of amendments to telecoms law which campaigners say could be used to curb privacy online and file-sharing.

Digital rights groups in Europe have formed a loose coalition to highlight their opposition to the amendments.

Oh what a surprise. Another excuse to snoop, spy and invade peoples privacy. In the old days, when Britain used to be a democracy that was run for its peoples interests and freedom (I do wonder if it really has ever been, but it was certainly better than now), our politicians would try to stick to the old "innocent until proven guilty" premise, that made our small country such an influence on the planet.

We are now sinking to epic new lows, as our parasitical governing class have outsourced government, to an even bigger bunch of unaccountable, unelected crooks.

It's not all their fault though. It is the public in this country. We lost our spine many years ago and our ancestors would be ashamed of the pitiful, weak and subservient losers that we have become. I never thought I would say it, but I am becoming ashamed to be British.

I just pray it is just good old British tolerance, that is just about to break.

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