Monday, 28 July 2008

Brown should quit, says moron who should also quit.

Awful biased trash

Labour MP Gordon Prentice has urged Gordon Brown to resign, arguing the government has "gone a bit rusty".

He said the prime minister lacked the skill "to persuade and enthuse" and should go in Labour's "best interests".

The fact this dweeb looks like a male impersonator, is not the reason I have nothing but contempt for him. The country isn't in the shite state it is now, just because of Gormless Brown. No, almost EVERY traitor and gravy train rider can take the full blame. Nearly all of them decided to abdicate responsibility for decision making and pass the job onto the unelected commisioners in the EU.

True, Brown was one of the cheif traitors and was happy to take the plaudits during the time that he was blowing the countries wealth on illegal wars, massive communist schemes and other utter folly. He couldn't have done it without the backing of his fellow morons though.

So this dipstick who I have never heard of before today, should shut up. He may well be worried about his seat going (he should be), he his desperated, self centred attempt to get Gord to take the rap don't impress me. They say their is no honour amongst thieves, and this foolish career merchant seems to confirm that.

Gord will be rewarded for his loyaty to the establishment, but I doubt we will see this snivelling little worm again. That's the difference between the truly devious greasy pole climbers (such as Brown and Blair) and the wannabes like this divot. Knowing when to shut up and bide your time.

What I would really like though, is for the British people to start demanding REAL people of integrity and honesty. Until that day, we shall keep being served the rancid faecal matter that poses as politicans right now. Dave Cameron being a case in point.

Who wants to take a bet right now, that the guy will lead us deeper into the mire and do almost nothing different to the current floaters. Anyone? Hello........hello

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