Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Council workers on strike. Hands up anyone who has noticed?

That is a serious question by the way. I realise there will be many who will have been effected, but then I bet I am not the only one who is "effect free". Sure I pay a shed load of cash in, but to be frank, I don't get any kind of value for it.

Having my rubbish collected once a fortnight seems to be the only true benefit I get now. So forgive me for not jumping up and down in distress that I can't visit the museum today, or that someone else's kids are getting the day off.

This is the problem though isn't it. The government FORCE us into paying into this socialist insurance scheme. It isn't unlike the mafia, only the mafia at least are honest that they are basically robbing you.

The whole of society is geared to keeping people dependent on the state. Instead of being able to earn and keep your own money, thus allowing you the choice of where to send your kids to school, or which rubbish disposal service you use. The worst part of this, is you have to pay for services, even if you don't need or want them.

Even worse than that, is because you have no choice, there is no real incentive for these services to perform. They know the government will pass them the stolen funds no matter what. Many of the "leaders" in council work, have decided they should be paid the same as the top performers in the private sector, while keeping the real workers on the front line on minimal wage.

Over 1 in 4 people now work for the government too. How can any system sustain that kind of rate? 8 million are economically inactive, so that leaves a dwindling amount of people bringing real wealth into the system. The same people who are now leaving the country in droves, after growing sick of huge taxation and being told what to do.

Is Britain being destroyed by design? Are we heading for the same model as the USSR?

When are we all going to tell the statists and socialists to do one?

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