Friday, 11 July 2008

Finally, one where you question if the law is in fact an ass

"Lord had previous convictions for carrying a knife, assault, racist violence, vandalism and robbery. He was detained indefinitely under the Mental Health Act. He will be released from a secure hospital only with the Home Secretary's approval."

O.K. So in this instance the guy IS a criminal. A clinically insane one, that has been caught ACTUALLY committing violent crime before. Yet he was allowed out to commit further crimes. The law is nuts. It goes after people for doing nothing, but then lets people who actually commit crime off lightly. This is what is wrong with this country and I can't help but feel this is intentional. Not even the most moronic of morons would think differently, so what is the game here?

I think we have a situation where they WANT there to be fear and crime on the streets. They want it, so that they have an excuse for a big government and more excuse to grab more powers to harass ALL of us, not just the criminals. If they cleared up crime and made people realise it isn't worth it, then people wouldn't need or want them. This frightens the Socialists/Marxists as big government is required for their ideology to have any chance of taking off.

I don't believe the law makers of this country are so stupid that they don't see this.

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