Sunday, 20 July 2008

Wanky EU goes after one of Britain's most successful immigrant groups

The Daily Malicious

It is the nation's favorite Chinese dish – adored by millions and a staple feature on the menus of restaurants and takeaways the length and breadth of Britain.

But Peking Duck could now be forced into extinction by an EU ban on the ovens traditionally used to prepare it.

Council inspectors have been busily visiting restaurants that use the ovens and sealing them closed with tape because they do not carry a CE (Conformité Européenne) mark certifying that the equipment meets safety standards on carbon-monoxide emissions laid down by Brussels.

It's nothing more than I expect from the fools at the EU, but remember, it requires TRAITORS within this country to implement.

Why are we taking orders like a bitch from the EU?

Why do we have sniveling little jobs worths ready to gold plate anything they say?

Why aren't companies allowed to do their business and only punished if they actually hurt someone?

This is why taxation is so high.

This is why food prices are so high.

This is why small businesses are struggling to survive.

This is why we have to turn our backs on the established parties and start with a clean slate.

Welcome to the club my Chinese friends. You have just been EU'd.

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