Monday, 14 July 2008

Brown targets poor families for some more fascism


More than 110,000 "problem families" with disruptive youngsters will be targeted as part of a crackdown on knife crime, Gordon Brown has said.

They will get parenting supervision, with the worst 20,000 families facing eviction if they do not respond.

Eviction? Is this Muppet talking about council house owners then? The core Labour vote of one time, though I suspect he has lost most of them now.

If he is talking about privately owned homes, then he is seriously overstepping the line once again. How about you stick to the law this country built up with care, blood, sweat and tears. You know. The one where you have to put the accused on trial and convict them for crimes, instead of this kind of BS.

The prime minister aimed to make it "unacceptable" to carry a knife

Sorry but that will NEVER be unacceptable to me. Stabbing someone or even threatening someone, yes, carrying no. Why is it he always wants to go for the easy target? When is he going to realise this does nothing but alienate the law abiding people, while having zero effect on the real criminals?

At this rate, he will secure himself a place as head of crime for the EU.

"What I want to see is anybody who is using a knife goes to prison. Anybody who is carrying a knife is subject to either prison or a strong community payback that forces them to give service to the community," he said.

Changed his tune a bit there hasn't he? Using a knife in an aggressive unprovoked act, deserves severe punishment. If he means using it to peel an apple though, then I am not so happy. I have to ask, because you never know with this prize plum.

He said stop and search powers would be increased, with more visible policing and 110,000 "problem" families with "disruptive young people" would be dealt with.

Ahhh, the good old rules of a police state. Stuff going after the real criminals, lets try and make criminals of everyone. Carpet layer coming home from work, tough, your nicked son. Boy scout on his way home, after using your penknife to whittle bark off of sticks (like I used to do)? Oh dear, a letter to your mum and dad frightening the shit out of them is in order. God help them if they are on holiday.

Habeas Corpus lies in tatter and Brown decides to piss on it as well. How much more of this idiot do we have to endure?

Parents will be put on intensive courses to help them supervise their children.

*shudders at what that will contain and what the criteria for being put on it are.*

Control freak doesn't describe this arsehole. The fact is his policies that have stripped away self reponsibilities for years, combined with weak law enforcement that is more interested in making money from the motorist, are the reason we are where we are. Do we really want to be taking more advice and medicine from this stool of a man?

There will be more "community pay back sentences", where young offenders have to "pay back for doing wrong", with communities choosing penalties such as cleaning streets on a Friday or Saturday night or clearing up graffiti.

That would be good for people tried and convicted of real crime. However, I question what he means by wrong. Not voting Labour is probably wrong in this divots mind.

According to the British Crime Survey (BCS), overall violent crime has decreased by 41% since a peak in 1995.

Hysterical laughter ripples around Britain in disbelief.

Knives are used in about 8% of violent incidents, according to the BCS, a level that has largely remained the same during the past decade

Now that I can believe. Less than on in ten, yet king moron and his underling moronettes bang the drum of fascism to attack this one tool. Do they think those 8% will suddenly become saints? Can you get any more incredulous at these feeble minded fools than me?

The home secretary told MPs people caught carrying knives were now three times more likely to end up in custody - and to get a longer sentence.

So thugs, remember that. Switch to the old snooker ball in a football sock method and you'll be fine.

The government's measures, overseen by Alf Hitchcock who is deputy assistant commissioner for Scotland Yard, will focus on eight police areas including London, the West Midlands, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Lancashire, Essex and the Thames Valley.

Alf Hitchcock? Are they taking the piss? Well they have been for the rest of this article.


MH Media Online said...

Parents will be put on intensive courses to help them supervise their children

Good grief! Does this nitwit ever leave his ivory tower? The whole point here is that many of the children in question don't even have a responsible parent present in the "home" at all!! Either that or "families" tend to have more than one father, so are we talking about a discount for a block booking on these correctional courses? Even if he did manage to round up some parents, I doubt very much whether the morons would actually respond to any attempt at education.

In my opinion the quickest and most effective way would be to stop their benefits. Now that would get a reaction!

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