Thursday, 10 July 2008

Haltemprice by-election

Yep I supported Davis in making "Big Brother" an issue. Indeed, so did the party I belong to.

However, I no longer do.

Why? Because just as many predicted and I suspected also, this was all a bit of a sham. The "debate" was stifled, kept very narrow and after the initial splash, was allowed to die out.

I don't care if people think David Icke is a nut job or not. He was a candidate at this election and should have been given a chance to "debate" with Davis. Instead, Davis had his goons stop Icke from attending a "public" meeting and just had a few lackies there to kiss his arse.

I'm sorry, but that simply isn't good enough. Even if Davis was concerned about his reputation, he should still have allowed Icke to attend his "public" meeting. The fact is, Icke has some good points on the Big Brother debate. Why is it happening all over the world? Why are the people supporting Davis all linked with surveillance and monitoring people (Big Brother).

He had some valid questions and Davis refused to answer them. I no longer support him and I hope people will vote for some of the other candidates that really do support freedom.

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