Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Is Dave Cameron a Communist?

Biased drivel

David Cameron has called for US-style protection laws for firms at risk of going bust - but also said he could not rule out tax rises in the future.

The Conservatives would adopt a version of the chapter 11 scheme which gives businesses a "breathing space" to establish funds and save jobs, he said.

Mr Cameron said a "full-blown plan" was needed to cope with the credit crunch.

More conformation that Dave Cameron is a total arsehole. Yet, Blue Labours loyalist will beg us to believe that this is just a ruse. That he doesn't really believe in Communism, the EU, high taxation and a police state, that he is just doing it to win over the Libby Dems and Labour voters. Heck it would seem like a fair strategy, as the people seem to fall for any old BS the media chucks at them.

But the problem is, Red Dave will deliver exactly what he is promising. He knows the EU plan for Britain and it isn't more freedom, less government interference in our lives and a return to a responsible society. They want us to be a bunch of dribbling low payed chavs, killing each other and fully dependent on big government.

Of course the last thing our economy needs is higher taxation. When you are in the shit, the last thing you need is more shit being heaped on the people supposedly keeping this country going. I suspect that crashing this country is 100% part of the plan though. If Britain is ever to totally surrender as a bit part player in a United States for EUrope, they need us to be on our knees first.

Red Dave is clearly the choice to make this happen. The Tories started our decent into the cesspit that is the EU and I fully expect Red Dave to do all he can to keep us going.

Higher taxes indeed. Is there a single Tory voter out there who will come and tell me why this shower of shite will be any better than Labour? They are promising the same turd, just rapped in a blue bow instead of a red one.

The fact he is talking about using our stolen tax money to help failing companies survive should be ringing alarm bells too. Instead of making Britain an low tax, low regulation free nation, he is looking to people like Lenin, Stalin and Marx for his economic inspiration.

Anyone who votes for any subsidary of blue Labour is fool. A fool that wants to make my life poorer, less free and worse. Therefore that makes you the enemy.

When are people going to stop giving these cretins the time of day and trusting them to come good? Ditch the bloody lot of them now. We are in for pain whatever now, so why not take this opportunity to make sure we clense our system of all the parasites, traitors, career merchants and corrupt? No more LibLabCon. Vote Libertarian, vote UKIP, vote Independent, vote ANYONE but this coalition of the wicked.

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