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Zimbabwe show why the UN and any idea of "world government" is a farce.

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Britain and the US have condemned Russia and China for vetoing a draft UN Security Council resolution to impose sanctions on Zimbabwe's leaders.
UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband said their veto was incomprehensible, especially as Russia had earlier suggested it backed tougher action.

You know, I have be reticent to comment on the whole issue of Zimbabwe before. My big problem, is that I have to rely in the MSM and given that I have seen how biased they are, I struggle to believe a word they say these days.

Still, I also have more quality information from people who have actually fled the country. The whites in that country certainly have been treated like scum and thrown off of their land. Problem is, I didn't see much resistance from the PEOPLE of Zimbabwe to this. Indeed, I think they were quite happy to see it happen, in the hope that they might get a piece of what was "stolen" from them.

Zimbabwe has become a basket case economy since then and many of the farms stolen have been left to rot. So there is no doubt in my mind that Mugabe is scum, but then I don't have much respect for any of the power hungry leaches that "run" our nations today. Let us not forget that Mugabe was a buddy of the west up until fairly recently. Indeed it was Sir Robert for a long time, even if Douglas Hurd tried to pretend he couldn't remember. There are pictures of him with the Queen, smiling, all rulers together.

Still, I still think he needs to be kicked out. However, unlike the moral crusaders who think there should be some sort of world community, dominated by a world government of some sort, I totally wouldn't do ANYTHING, other than try to make sure the people of Zimbabwe have access to as much free speech as possible. To me it is still fairly clear that Mugabe does in fact have strong support. If the people in Zimbabwe want to change this, then THEY are going to have to fight for their freedom. At the moment, there is scant evidence that they are willing to do that. Maybe they are waiting to see if the ballot box method might work still?

Anyway, I simply don't trust our own government to do the right thing on this issue. They are power mad, ego driven fools. They certainly want to try and create this "World Government", but as we can see from all the countries going against them on this issue, the idea is doomed and no one wants it. The old saying "don't put all your eggs in one basket" seems to be very accurate for me. As things stand, if a government, like Zimbabwe or the U.K. goes rotten, then at least it is just that one part of the world that suffers. Can you imagine having a world government that goes bad? Heck, it's like giving Hitler the keys to the vehicle he FAILED to try and create.

The worst thing about it, is you can almost GUARANTEE that it would be a rotten government from the start. Firstly, because there will/can not/never will be any way it could be democratic. Democracy can only work on a local level, where people feel they can make some difference. Heck, even on a European level it FAILS miserably, as we can all see from the way the fascists that run the EU are behaving after the Irish vote. They just want to ignore Ireland, ban parties like UKIP and make sure the proles NEVER have a chance to stop their powermongering again.

So world government is a one way ticket to hell. Spread the eggs, by having a loose collection of independent, sovereign nations, that can co-operate, or not, depending on their peoples wishes. We have different cultures and different values that shift over time. Trying to merge them all together and concentrate power into the hands of those that are willing to lie, cheat and manipulate way to the top of a very greasy poll is crazy. Only tyrants and nutters in history have tried to do this and it ALWAYS ends in tears, as people demand their freedom back in the end.

Back to Zimbabwe for a bit though and lets point out the manipulation by our own politicians and their willing lap dogs in the media again.

First up, the very headline itself.

Fury as Zimbabwe sanctions vetoed

Fury and vetoed. Fury from who? The neighbours of Zimbabwe? Nope, South Africa voted AGAINST sanctions. Indeed, rather than just being the good old enemy (Russia and China), there are a number of other countries "vetoing" sanctions too. For instance ANOTHER African nation in Libya. You know, that country that is run by a guy who was meant to be the Mugabe of his day, but suddenly became the USA and Britain's best buddy, thanks to his help on the disgraceful "war on an adjective". Vietnam also came out on the noes side, but perhaps they are biased, because they remember the time the USA tried to kick their arse to get regime change (you know before Iraq). So "Fury" is only coming from one portion of the world, and it isn't a veto, when on a democratic vote a decent amount of the worlds power VOTES against it. Yes I know the world war victory parade rules stuff all of the power in certain hands, and that just getting 9 of the usual suspects is usually enough, but the world has changed. How can you possibly say the world agrees, when China and Russia don't? That's a lot of people right there and I certainly wouldn't call their voice, along with the African neighbours a "veto".

Now who knows what motive those countries have. They may just be being selfish and want the business of the basket case economy that is Zimbabwe. Or they may just not like the usual suspects throwing their weight around, trying to bully other countries into doing things their way. Or maybe, like me, they might want to at least see some sign that the Zimbabwean people have put in a solid effort to change THEIR regime.

So in summary, let me make it clear that I have no time for Mugabe. He hasn't quite killed as many people as Blair did, but he is a powermonger and control freak, just like many world "leaders" are. Africa doesn't seem to be overly concerned though and I think we have to ask why that is? Maybe Africa agrees with Mugabe, that the West have interfered with their continent for too long and are trying to make sure they stay subservient. What does need to happen, is they need to sort themselves out, instead of having the liars and cheats from our nations, riding in full of moral outrage, instead of sorting out their own countries BIG problems.

I think if there had been a load of oil in the region, then Mugabe would have been long gone, but slowly destroying the people so that they turn big time on their leader, probably is the method of choice for the one worlders, when the immediate gain of oceans of oils aren't there.

These views, as always, are my own and probably not those of the Libertarian Party (or indeed anyone who takes the MSM as gospel).

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