Thursday, 17 July 2008

So, the council strikers aren't getting paid. Does the taxpayer get a rebate then?

You know how things work in the private sector.

The client or customer first of all has his own hard earned money. Because he/she had to earn it, they are careful with it and want value for money. This means they shop around a bit and make sure they pick a service that performs to their standards, as the best price possible. If that service doesn't deliver, they can either expect some sort of compensation, due to the contract being broken, or that can ditch the poorly perfoming service and get a new one.

In Neo-Communist Britain, we don't have any choice in many areas any more. The Mafia (government) have a package of services that you can't refuse. Whether you want them or not, you have to pay for them. You have to pay for these "services", otherwise you go to prison, with the state using violence if necessary. The Mafia is actually quite tame compaired to what we have now.

Of course the services are "you get what you are given", as the tools of the State hand out the contracts to their lacky friends, or people who will help their party to stay in power. In the States they call that "special interests". If you ever look at how much companies spend on advertising, marketing and promotion, you should feel deeply uncomfortable at the realative peanuts that are spent on elections campaigns. Uncomforatbale, beacause it proves that the elections are really just a token effort, to help con the people into feeling they have some sort of say in things. The people with real power and money don't bother with elections, other than to make sure they have friends in the right places.

So we end up with shoddy services we may not even want or need, no say in the way they are deleivered and for all the people that actually do work for a productive company, you have to heavily subsidise

1) All the people that simply can't be arsed to work.
2) All the people who work for the government (1 in 4).
3) All the pensions of people, because the State wasted the money they put in over the years.
4) All the illegal and immoral wars ultra egos like Blair took us into. Yes your money helped kill some children, does it make you feel proud?

Listening to the radio, I heard council workers all coming on to say how they had to suffer to strike. How they wouldn't be getting paid for the days they did it. Now as I said before, this half a million people going on strike has made precisley nil difference to my life as things stand. However, while the state is witholding payment from them, I don't seem to see any rebate appearing in my account. It's a bit like my company charging another for 3 days of my consultancy, without me actually having to turn up. Seriously, the state is a parasite of the worst order. It sucks the lifeforce from both directions!

The absoulte worst thing about the state, is that the bigger it gets, the more addicted the people are to it. Those 1 in 4 public workers depend on it. Those 8 million economically inactive people demand it. We have been conditioned into being a bunch of overreliant sheep. Instead of putting the power into our own hands, to do what is right and what we want, we have allowed a parasite to take all the power away.

Communist Russia seems to be the model people crave. Where people ended with sod all and the State owned you.

Yet people are told stealing is wrong when they copy a movie. You couldn't make it up really.

Maybe if people took the advice of airlines during an emergency, then we might make some progress. If you have ever flown, you will have seen the card what to do if smoke fills the cabin. The advice is that you secure your OWN oxygen mask first, before trying to help children or others. That's right, you have to make sure YOU are able to breath, before you try and save others.

Britain is filling with the putrid smoke of fascism at the momement. Big government, colluding with the elites of this world to keep the plebs in their place. Instead of playing along to their game, we all need to take self responibility and reject their pathetic nanny state. It is a rancid, horrible old pervert of a nanny, who will make us suffer in the end.

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