Saturday, 26 July 2008

Extortion racket discovered in Woking

For the first time in a long time I went to the cinema the other day. My mate wanted to see the new Batman film and I quite fancied seeing it too. Not because one of the mug actors killed himself with a drugs overdose, but because I usually like the films with Christian Bale in.

Anyway, it is a Long time since I have ventured into Woking town centre. I tend to get a lot of stuff online now. There just isn't enough in town to warrant the hassle of getting in and out + paying the parking fees. I am tempted to go sometimes, just so I can use my car and piss of the Envirofascists, but then that would be cutting off my nose to spite my already pug ugly face.

Anyway, it was quite an eventful day. I agreed to pick my mate up and go and have a bit of pizza at Pizza Express, just on the outskirts of town. Had to pay 80 for the privilege of parking in the road, but that is rip off Woking for you. They are cramming so many people into the town now, that there probably is nowhere near enough space for parking in some parts. So the solution of the council is to price the poor people off the road, keeping in line with Labours policy (I bet my grandparents turn in their graves at what their party, Labour, have become).

Anyway, half way through my pizza, streams of people starting piling out of Woking. What was going on I thought. Then I heard someone say there was a bomb alert and the town was being evacuated. Jihad declared on Woking, whatever next I thought and wondered exactly what the cause was.

Anyway, we got in the car and sure enough, they had blocked off all the roads into Woking centre. Damn, what a pain in the arse, I was looking forward to the film. We drove back to my friends house, but tuned in to "The Eagle" to see if there was any news. It hit one o'clock and sure enough they said how a "suspicious package" had been found in the theatre and hence the mass overreaction and panic. It seems our beloved authorities are happy to jump at any issue now adays. No real evidence of a bomb, just the fact there was a "package" left lying around, probably by one of the kids going to the cinema.

The good news though is they were now letting people back in. I still thought they may have canned the showing, but we drove in anyway, just in case. They even said parking would be free for an hour, due to people losing their spots and the inconvenience etc. I drove into the car park and noticed they had changed the way of paying. It used to be you had to accurately guess how long you would be there and pay up front. This sucked and I though they had actually improved something for a change, by making it a pay on exit type now. Sadly I was wrong on two counts.

1) They have turned the car park into a messy confusion zone. They have changed the flow of traffic and put up temporary looking structures all over the place. It really has turned a just above average car park into a total shambles. That isn't the worst part though.

2) After seeing the film (very good by the way, but no Oscar winner in my book), I went to stick the ticket in the machine to see how much it would be. Batman was quite a long film at just over two hours, so How much do you reckon? A pound? No.
Two pounds then? Think on. Three, that's a bit steep ain't it? No wrong again.

4 FUCKING POUNDS, to park long enough to watch a film. You would think the mob were in charge of parking in Woking and you would be right, because it is the council who have a total monopoly on parking in Woking. It truly is disgusting what they charge the already suffering motorist. I seriously think they want to destroy the town, by pricing people out of being able to get there. I certainly will avoid the place at all costs.

I see it as just another tax. Why the hell we need government to manage car parking for, I have no idea. They love it though, because just like the Mafia, they get to squeeze people with their Monopoly of power that they have imposed themselves. Bastards.

I reckon the real taxation levels in this country is nearer to 70% when you take everything into account. That's 30% away from being an outright slave.

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Guthrum said...

Bristol Airport

Parking twenty minutes £2.00
Use of Credit Card £1.60