Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Are the Lib Dems Sucking Ftupid?

Going on their latest piece of rubbish they have posted through my box, yes.

They have basically replaced pictures of the last village idiot, grinning like he has shat himself, with the latest clone Oily Well. All the same poses, one with a copper, one outside a "insert local place here" and one with him looking like a tit on a cycle.

Yes they must be stupid to think the people of Knaphill will swallow this horse-shit again, but it gets worse.

On the front page they have the usual "Two Horse Race" crapola, with a caption saying "Labour Can't Win Here". Well no shit Sherlock, because Labour are not even running here. They even admit this on the back page! Stupid, stupid, stupid. If they had brains they would be dangerous.

They keep trying to make me vote for their partner Blue Labour, but I will hold firm. Duncan from UKIP will get both mine and my wifes vote. We aren't falling for your rubbish anymore!

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