Saturday, 12 April 2008

Observations from abroad

I have been doing a bit of travel with work of late. Over the last few weeks I have been in Portugal, Spain and Germany. I think the British people need to wake up to something.

We are the least free country in Europe right now!

That's right, we have surrendered our liberty MORE than any other country. Indeed, we seem to be at the forefront of total surrender.

In Spain, you can still smoke in a restaurant, never mind a pub! As long as the owner decide to allow it. The result? A mixture of places where some allow smoking, some don't and some try and accommodate both. Now who would have thought Spain would be more free than Britain just a few decades ago.

In Portugal, you can drive around with little fear of being fined for driving a few miles faster than some bureaucrat thinks is safe, on an empty road in the middle of nowhere. No such luxury here in Britain, as I have noticed NEW speed cameras going up everywhere.

Even Germany has less monitoring of its people, as you walk around its cities, you see vastly less cameras monitoring your every move.

Sure Britain shouldn't be taking its orders from the EU, but the British people have to realise something and realise it fast. The EU would have NO power over us if we didn't have a band of communist traitors in parliament. These career interested scum have no ones interests but their own at heart. This is why Britain is being sold out to special interests, fascism and servitude faster than any other. Make no mistake, if we as a people don't start taking action soon, our children will have a much more difficult time freeing themselves.

When are you going to step up to the plate? When are you going to take action?

Join the Libertarian party now and make this country free once more!

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Troy Camplin said...

You should try the U.S., then, if those are your criteria of having less freedom