Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Congratulations UKIP on securing your first MP

My old party, UKIP, have just gained their first MP. Bob Spink, who is a leading light in the Better Off Out campaign (which I support in full), has finally made the move I hoped for.

I still have a great deal of time for UKIP and their aims. They are still my party of choice for the EU elections and where the Libertarian party don't stand, they shall have my vote in other elections too.

Nigel Farage takes a lot of flack from his own people sometimes. Maybe he deserves it on occasions, but I think his strategy of working with BOO, can be shown to have payed off in a big way here.

Certainly, if I had an MP who was part of BOO, I would not run a campaign against him. Before this country can start mending itself, it has to regain the controls and that won't happen until we are out of the EU.

Well done UKIP.


Guthrum said...

Hopefully that will shake some other Tories out of their torpor

Matt Davies said...

You'd like to think so, but alas, I doubt it.

The Tories are running out of time. They either return to being a principled believer in Britain, or remain a Socialist consensus party.

Choose the latter and it is just a matter of time before they die.

Red and White said...

I'm not a UKIP voter but I also have a lot of time for them, and it should make parliament more interesting :-)

Matt Davies said...

I agree.

Already Spink has thrown off the shackles of having to please his party and started addressing the real issues. He presented a petition calling for the scrapping of paperwork for the police. None of the others can do that, because the EU tells them they have to have it!

Let's see if the media bother to report!