Saturday, 22 March 2008

Stop voting establishment!

I have been paying a small amount of attention to the London Mayor election so far. Intentionally, I have decided to put myself back into the world of the average Joe. You know, the person who is too busy to care about politics. Or just someone who doesn't give a toss most of the time

I have tried to put myself in the position of the person who NORMALLY can't be bothered to think about political issues, but come the election, decides they should vote out of duty.

Therefore, I tried to ignore the internet for my Mayor news and rely on the MSM. Now I refuse to buy "News"papers these days. However, I watch the T.V. news channels and have picked up papers on trains etc, when I have had a chance.

Is it any wonder that we get what we do? 14 candidates are running for Mayor, yet you wouldn't think so if you stuck with the MSM. According to the MSM, there is only really three choices. Red Ken, Boris or the strange policeman from the Lib Dem's.

Now, the Lib Dem guy is being painted as an out and out no hoper and thus we are all being encouraged to see this as a "two horse race". Now this isn't an election to elect a party, but a single position for Mayor of London. Therefore, you would have thought that a real effort to look at ALL the candidates running would be made. After all, there are many GOOD people who don't want anything to do with the LibLabCon.

This is the problem we have in this country and many others that pretend to be a democracy. It really isn't a democracy at all, at least not a fair and functioning one. As long as the MSM continue to push the line that you only have a few carefully selected establishment choices, this is likely to be a self fulfilling prophecy.

While "others" have been growing of late, with the chunk of public who don't rely on the MSM and think for themselves, increasing switch off from the establishment parties, we still have a long way to go. The internet has opened many peoples eyes to many different views and opinions that simply were not given the light of day before. No longer is there the excuse of being "kept in the dark", as more and more people can now search out information quickly, without having to rely on their one favorite newspaper.

I see some worrying signs though. Signs that I see time and time again and fully understand, because I feel the lure of it too. What I am talking about, is the urge to get the incumbent out, by following the herd and voting for the other establishment choice. Boris was a smart move by the Establishment, because sometimes he comes across as a little anti-establishment himself. The fact he is in team blue and isn't Red Ken is a very strong draw, even to someone like me.

Hold back though for one minute. Exactly what has Boris done to deserve his anti-establishment tag? He hasn't rebelled against any of the traitor hand overs of power. He hasn't been a loud advocate for much lower taxes. He didn't actually make any effort to oppose the war on Iraq. In fact, he is a useful tool in the establishments armory. Why do you think he even got the gig in the first place? This guy is establishment to the core.

So when you decide that you might vote for Boris and give him the benefit of the doubt, remember that all you are doing is voting for the less of two evils. That means you get evil anyway, just in a more slow and painful manner.

Until this country wakes up and stops voting for ANY of the EU loving wings of the establishment, we will continue the slide into tyranny. We will be taxed even more, we will loose even more freedoms. Our children will have and even bigger task of becoming free on their hands.

I have come to the realisation that I have never tasted true freedom. I was born into a rigged system, where my wealth and freedoms are taken away in small, but ever accumulating slices. We as a people have to decide whether we are going to continue to allow this, or shun the operators of the machine once and for all.

Thus for this election or any further elections, I URGE you not to vote for any of the old guard. If you do, then you are voting for more of the same. I would suggest there are exceptions to this rule, but they are very few in number. Look at the character you think might be different and if they have actions to back up their words, THEN you may want to consider keeping them on the inside. The only people I can think of are the members of BOO (Better Off Out). Also, I would be tempted to vote Bill Cash in his area, because of his clearly good efforts. Why he won't join BOO, I have no idea though.

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