Thursday, 27 March 2008

The draft Constitutional Renewal Bill

Libertarian Party Release

The Libertarian Party UK is pleased to see that contained within part 1 of the Draft Constitutional Bill are plans to repeal sections 123 to 138 of the Serious Organised Crime Act 2005; namely, those affecting freedom of speech and freedom of assembly around Parliament Square.

Part 6 however, gives grave cause for concern, in that it allows for ministers to amend, repeal or revoke any provision by or an Act. The Libertarian Party UK is appalled that the government should seek to bypass parliament again following amendments that were built into the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Act 2006 that raised similar concerns.

Head of Communications, Chris Mounsey, said, "Part 6 opens the door to rule by Ministerial fiat. If MPs vote this Bill through, they will be voting for the abolition of what little power they have left.

"Truly, Parliament will become nothing more than a talking shop, whilst ministers will sign off legislation without having to consult or debate with anyone.

"This Bill will transform the UK from a democracy to a dictatorship."

Notes for editors

The Libertarian Party was founded on 21 November 2007 and officially launched on 1 January 2008. The party's website can be found here.
Libertarianism is a political philosophy based on support for individual liberty.
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Issued by Chris Mounsey, Director of Communications, on behalf of the UK Libertarian Party. Enquiries to

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