Saturday, 8 March 2008

Why the ban on Smoking is fascist.

I don't like smoking. They smell, they make you sound like a wheezy old man and they aren't good for a lot of us.

I have asthma so I really would rather not be in a smoky room. I begged my mum and dad to stop (which they did).

So you'd think I would be all for banning them in pubs. Wrong!

I don't like many things, but unless you try to force them on me, why should I care if others want to do it? If you believe in freedom, then you should be happy with the concept that others do things you don't like, as long as they don't hurt others.

"But..but..but, smoking does hurt others Matt. Passive smoking is evil and it makes my cloths smell. You should be happy to see them banned!"

In truly public places (IE public owned transport, buildings etc), then yes I agree. Democracy should decide what collectively people want in these kind of places. If that means bans then fair enough.

Also, if private businesses want to ban smoking in their buildings or transport, then fine too. It is their property, so they should be able to decide what is good or not in them. If they have any sense they will try to accommodated as many people as they can. Companies will want to be able to select from high quality staff, not just the ones who will put up with things out of desperation. Pubs etc, should want smoking and non smoking business alike. They should be the ones to decide, if you believe in freedom.

What isn't freedom, is forcing pubs to ban smoking. That simply destroys the concept of freedom, not only for the smokers who are treated like lepers, but more importantly the business owner who has this choice ripped away from him/her.

Smokers have been treated shabbily for many years now. They are fleeced with ultra high taxation, that more than pays for any health issues they MAY have later. The fact that smokers die earlier, means they save the country huge amounts in pension payments anyway!

If we tolerate this for smokers, should be be surprised that motorists, drinkers and any other number of people will be attacked next. It's time we told the government to get out of our lives. No one is forced to go into a smoky pub. That is the individuals personal call. Thus banning smoking in pubs is a disgrace. When are people going to stop being so selfish and expecting the world to provide conditions suitable to their own fascist desires?

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