Monday, 17 March 2008

UK Libertarian Party “utterly opposed” to DNA database for potential criminals.

UK Libertarian Party

UK Libertarian Party “utterly opposed” to DNA database for potential criminals.
Posted by Administrator on Mar 16 2008
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The UK Libertarian Party stated that it was utterly opposed to putting “potential criminals” on the DNA database, as has been suggested by Gary Pugh, director of forensic sciences at Scotland Yard.

Party Leader, Patrick Vessey, said, “The suggestion by Gary Pugh that we should weed out potentially criminal primary school children on the DNA database is absolutely repulsive.

“This country already has 4.5 million DNA samples in its database, the largest in Europe.

“The idea that you can take pre-emptive action against potential criminals is utterly flawed and deeply suspect. As is any state wherein the police are making policy.

“Minority Report was a dystopian vision of a near-fascist society, not an instruction manual.”

Notes for editors

The Libertarian Party was founded on 21 November 2007 and officially launched on 1 January 2008. The party's website can be found here.
Libertarianism is a political philosophy based on support for individual liberty.
The Observer – Put young children on DNA list, urge police

Issued by Chris Mounsey, Director of Communications, on behalf of the UK Libertarian Party. Enquiries to

Forget that film, Orwell's work is the blueprint for this rancid government. Thought-crime, Doublethink, Newspeak. Labour has done them all!

What is even more disturbing is the fact the other two branches of the LibLabCon alliance also do the same, as do their masters at the EU.

It's time to wake up people, the future our kids look like inheriting looks bleak.

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