Saturday, 30 August 2008

Swapping a turd for a turd.

While doing some work this morning, I left Sky News on in the background, so I can hear what bullshit the masses are being fed at the moment.

Yep the usual fear mongering, with them whipping up the Georgia vs Russia issue, trying to make it into something we should be concerned with, when it is anything but. They almost demand a new cold war.

Then we have Alistair Darling, another member of the Scottish Raj currently "leading" the Labour party, telling us all we are in the deep brown stuff. Brown, being the operative word, seeing as it is ten years of his pathetic policies (firmly guided by the EU of course) that leave us where we are today. All that stealing from the people and yet still, we are now told to prepare for poverty.

They made me laugh saying 2 million unemployed too. It is at LEAST 8 million economic inactive. Take out children from that equation and that is a frighteningly high proportion of adults who can't/won't work.

Then we have the 1 in 4 who do manage to "work", doing so for a fat, bloated, nannying whore of a government. Can anyone say unsustainable? Yet I hear no plans from the bunch of retards in charge to do anything about those twin menaces (never mind all the other serious issues these fools have managed to create).

But what really got my goat, was having to listen to the so call opposition. George Osborn, is just like that sniveling little weasel that everyone wanted to beat the crap out of at school, but didn't dare too because they were protected by bullies. This pathetic non entity of a man, laid into Darling, for his confession that we are in the shit.

Well Boy George, what the fuck would you have done differently and what would you do to get us out of it? Oh no, he won't comment on that, because the truth is, he would have been almost exactly the same. They wouldn't have done ANYTHING to tackle the big issues, because like Labour they are hamstrung by the EU on most of it. Worse than that though, is they have no interest in drastically rolling back the cancerous influence of an overweight, over controlling and corrupt system. They benefit far too much from the gravy train and won't be making the necessary cuts that are required.

So what is the point of scraping the Labour party off of your shoe, only to stamp straight into another freshly laid steamer in Blue Labour?

It's time to realise that big government always gets corrupted and the ONLY fair system, is the one where everyone is free and responsible for themselves. Community will return and no longer will a bunch of parasites be allowed to destroy our peoples freedom and wealth.

So vote for a small party. Vote for a small party that DEMANDS smaller government.

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