Saturday, 9 August 2008

Blowing away the myth that we have democracy.

You know what. Most areas in Britain are pretty set in their ways. Woking, where I have lived for most of my adult life, has ALWAYS been true blue Conservative. Humfrey "failings" Malins, has been the MP for Woking ever since I have been here. Labour get beaten by UKIP if they even bother to run here.

The Lib Dems have managed to secure their position as the second party here, but while they push the council to NOC sometimes, they usually have to cede power to the Conservatives.

So Woking has one of the lowest council taxes in Britain right?


Woking has very similar council tax levels to most of Britain, including so called Labour areas. We probably have more government nannying schemes than anyone and even though Woking is packed to the brim with rich people, who work in London or have retired to the suburbs, we still have very much a typical town, that wastes money on trivia and fleeces its population to fund it.

So where is our option to change this? Going on the media, the only other choice is Labour or the Lib Dems. They are no different though, indeed, there is a possibility they will be even worse.

So you see, democracy is actually a sham. Sure they play lip service to it, by making it just about possible of small parties to run, but my are the decks stacked against them. The media won't give the massive advertising the old established parties get, indeed, if anything, they will be painted as lunatics, fringe, or nutters.

The national media, via TV and mainstream newspapers will bombard people all year with the conditioning that these are the only choices. Then come the GE they will ramp it up to an even higher level.

The old parties will then get big business give it just enough money to give credence to the scam, by making it impossible for small parties to compete. Then you have the local media, that may give a bit more coverage to small parties, but only in a few limited areas.

Now and then, you may have an issue blow up in an area, or a rich or very talented person manage to break through. These are only tiny pockets of resistance and you can guarantee that the machine will do all it can to squash these, when they arise.

So as long as the masses keep taking their lead from the media, the deeper in the mire we shall become. We may be handing our children hell on earth, just as the parents of kids in all pre Communist nations did.

The Internet has provided an interesting avenue though. While the big money and MSM still try and control is, so far they haven't been able too. A lot of people are beginning to wake up to the whole charade we call democracy and the puppets that perpetrate it. Which is why all we hear about now, are stories of the "dark side" of the Internet. Of course there is a dark side, just as there is a dark side of human nature.

But the power mongers know they can always take advantage of peoples desire to squash the dark side, by demanding control of the Internet. The same kind of total control as they have over the media. Once we lose the freedom of speech that we have here, then what hope is there of us ever getting out of this control grid? None.

So now is the time to start fighting back. Sitting back and hoping it will all come alright is no longer and option.

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