Monday, 18 August 2008

England stars (chocolate?) in knife plea

Stalin would be proud

England football players including David Beckham and Rio Ferdinand have spoken out against knife crime as part of a campaign targeting youths.
Members of the team took time out from training to unfurl a banner urging people not to carry weapons.

If in doubt, wheel out a bunch of overpaid preening idiots, to tell the public how to behave.

Why are they still focusing on the tool? Why not a camapaign against ALL violent crime? Carrying a knife doesn't hurt anyone one. Using that knife to attack someone is, so focus on them and all the others that use just their fists or feet to seriously hurt people too.

Anyone with an internet link can see the violence used by some now and most of it doesn't involve knives. It is a complete distraction from what really matters. The fact the government morons are gout these failures, doesn't alter that.

I wonder if they paid the divs? Would you bet against it?

Having said that, maybe I do overestimate the intelligence of the public. Maybe all the kids who were so brutaly going to stab someone, will now listen to their heros and take up knitting instead.

Can they be trusted with knitting needles though? Perhaps they can wheel out the cricket team against that instead.

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