Monday, 4 August 2008

The Ministry of Truth is real!


The Government has spent almost £2 million to fund programmes that are all but indistinguishable from regular shows, The Sunday Telegraph has established.

But unlike normal documentaries, the programmes are commissioned by ministers with the purpose of showing their policies or activities in a sympathetic light.

The media watchdog Ofcom has disclosed that it had opened an investigation into one of the programmes, Beat: Life on the Street — about the Government’s controversial Police Community Support Officers, to see whether it breached its broadcasting code.

Come again? Does there need to be an investigation? They have just rumbled the government using stolen (taxpayers) money, to fund a load of total propaganda and they want to investigate it? There is nothing to investigate! Our government is using our own money, to pump out propaganda. Orwell had this bunch of cretins down perfectly.

When you look at your pay packet at the end of the month and see a huge chunk of it swallowed up in tax.

Then when you buy some petrol and remember half of that is tax (yes more tax on money you have already paid tax on).

Then when you replace you Tax disk in your car.

Or when you go to park your car, in the council car park and have to pay 4 quid for a couple of hours.

Or pay more VAT on your shopping, or to have your car MOT'd.

Then when you get you council tax bill through.

Or when you get an energy bill, with the tax added for that.

Or then you manage to save 3p of what's left, but get taxed again on any interest it makes.

Or manage to scrimp some money to go on holiday and get taxed all kinds of different taxes.

Or you mange to get a pension together, which then gets taxed.

OR if you FUCKING DIE and you manage to leave some inheritance to your kids, that gets taxed.

REMEMBER these fucking parasites are wasting it on telling you how good they are.

Revolution can't be far away.

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