Saturday, 16 August 2008

More puritan fascist ideals being foisted upon Britain (lap dancing)

One side of the news only

Councils are powerless to stop the spread of lap dancing clubs and licensing laws need to be tightened up, the government has been urged.

In a letter to the Times, councillors said the clubs were "a contradiction to efforts to promote gender equality".

As they are the same licensing category as pubs or cafes residents have less scope to oppose them as sex shops.

Good. I am glad the councils are powerless to be fascist little Nazis, like they so often are. Once again, we have a bunch of jumped up little control freaks, demanding their own morality be forced upon others, even when it is in their own private establishments.

These utter morons just don't get it. The fact that there is a DEMAND for these sort of clubs, means that there is a whole section of society that DOES want it and another section that is willing to provide it.

I have, like most you men, been to such clubs. Let me tell you something for free, the people holding all the power in those clubs are the women. They have the choice of whether to be there and indeed, many quite enjoy it. They get men worshiping them and paying them huge sums, just to wriggle around a bit and show of their God given talents.

You get all kinds of person in there. College girls who don't want to have huge debts. Exhibitionists, who want to show off what they have got and sure you probably have a few people who would rather not do it, but the seriously good money they get, means they will do it instead of flipping burgers in McDonald's.

Everything goes on behind closed doors and the girls always have serious protection from bouncers.

Maybe there would be a case for trying to protect MEN from being ripped off, but I don't go for that either. If men want to pay silly money, to see some girl wriggle around in front of him, then that is his call.

These horrible little fascists who don't like it themselves, so don't want anyone else to do it, should be told to shut up and just not visit the places. Instead, the bunch of control freaks and authoritarians we have in government, probably will do whatever the loud minority demand.

It's time people told them to get lost and demanded their freedom back.

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