Monday, 18 August 2008

Is it just me?

My life.

Told at school that you have to do well at your exams to get on. In fact, if you don't do well, then you feel utterly miserable.

Get out of school and go to University. Still conviced you have to do well, so work hard. Get a good degree and then look for first real job.

During first real job, realise that exams weren't that important, up until the very last one. Get a degree and all the rest is null and void.

Work hard at work. Work very hard. Do overtime, do weekends, do nights. No longer physical work, yet feel physically drained and knackered almost every day. Have to keep learning just to stand still.

Seem to be earning a decent wage. Better than most, but no where near pop stars and footballers. Think it is decent, but realise that I still have a bloody great mortgage and that if I didn't keep working like a bitch, it wouldn't take long to lose my home.

Realise that my wife has also got to work bloody hard + more, as I am too lazy to do chores all the time. I really have to be bullied to do them, because I fucking hate them. I am tired from work, yet have to do chores. It never used to be like that, did it?

My wife and I work our guts out. We are under constant pressure to do well at work and then we have all the mundane house work than needs doing too. Have made things harder mine, by getting cats that make mess and damage things.

That's it. My life. Running around the hamster wheel, while the government steals from me and increasingly tells me what to do. Both my wife and I are exhausted every night and while we have more than most, it doesn't seem like much in reality.

Is this what life is supposed to be about? I can't even contemplate adding kids to that equation, but I'm pushing on and want to have them at some point. Is this the life I want them to have too? Like hell it is.

So why am I doing it? Why don't I piss off to Canada or elsewhere and live a more simple, less pressurised life?

Because my wife doesn't want to be away from her friends and family. Fair enough, but that means more of this shite.

So what is the alternative here? Get the scum that have made our lives one long slog out and get freedom back into this country.

That's why I am a member of the Libertarian Party. Is there anyone else out there like me?


Ronald Dagon said...

"Seem to be earning a decent wage. Better than most, but no where near pop stars and footballers."

That sounds like capitalism to me. They perform their skill and get paid justly. If you can perform that skill (athlete, pop star) go ahead and do it. Almost sounds like your looking for a government handout.

Matt Davies said...

I don't begrudge footballers or pop stars what they earn, I was just stating that I am no where near their league.

I certainly don't want a handout either. All I want is for the government to stop stealing so much from me and stop telling me what to do.

Anonymous said...

Actually it's not just you. I earn a great deal but the govt helps itself to half my income and then screws me over some more with extra taxes like vat.

The real issues is to think about how women where pushed to go to work and what the consequences of that are (house price inflation over the last 30 years for example).

Just think what it would be like if this hadn't occured. Then ask _why_ and _how_ it occured.

Quo bono?

Matt Davies said...
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Matt Davies said...

You know, I am happy for women to work if they want to.

However, if families are to work, I have to say I believe there needs to be someone at home with the kids.

Whether that is the Mum, the Dad or a combo of the two, should be up to the families to work out.

However, it is almost impossible for a family to survive on one decent wage. The family has been attacked and I fully beleive that is an intential move by the neo communists that run our country.

They don't want the family to be self reliant. They want everyone to beg the government for support.

MH Media Online said...

Why don't I piss off to Canada or elsewhere and live a more simple, less pressurised life? Because my wife doesn't want to be away from her friends and family

You're not alone and my life was like that too. Almost exactly apart from Uni, so I spent my equivalent years getting screwed by employers as well as the government.

Anyway, what you need to do is to sell the idea of escaping from the "United" Kingdom a bit harder to your wife. Spend a week in a safe part of Eastern Europe and notice how you really start to relax, and its cheap too. Then come back and notice what a genuine rat-race this place has become! I'm trying for Oz or New Zealand next year and if I qualify I'll be gone like a shot.. Good luck!

Matt Davies said...

Thank you. I certainly will keep trying to persuade.

Until then, I guess all I can do is try and turn by the tide.

FreedomBuilder said...

I *really* don't mean for this to sound like an ad, BUT, learning the very libertarian lifestyle of "PT" (Permanent Tourism, Prior Taxpaying, Possibility Thinking, etc..), would facilitate if not your physical move off the "UK", then perhaps just that of (some of) your assets instead.

It's ASSet Protection = Get Your Money Out Of the Country, Before The Country Gets Your Money Out Of You!

Click my name...

All the best,