Monday, 4 August 2008

Forget the EU, We have fascists right here in Britain.

Commie dribble

Government plans to increase car tax for "gas-guzzling" vehicles should be bolder to increase the environmental impact, MPs say.

The Environmental Audit Committee's official report backs the move as a "step in the right direction".

But chairman Tim Yeo said the benefit to the environment would be limited, and called for more ambitious changes.

Now while I say "forget the EU", maybe that was wrong, because as anyone who is paying attention will know, Tim Yeo is one the the chief cheerleaders for us surrendering in full to the EU. He is clearly just trying to lick his way to a future EU top table position.

But, let us just focus on the fact that he and his fellow traitors are the ones calling for this right now.

Let us put the rights and wrongs of this environmentally to a side for the moment and focus on the decision making. When exactly did MPs stop becoming representatives of the will of the people and become our overlords? Does anyone remember any of the LibLabCon alliance putting in their manifestos that they would start hammering anyone who doesn't drive a milk float, in the name of envirofascism? I certainly don't remember a leaflet coming through my door promising it, well maybe the Lib Dems might have hinted they might do it.

Certainly the sham they call debates on T.V. didn't bring it up. They were busy telling us how they would make out lives better, cut taxes, reduce immigration, improve hospitals and get tough on crime. Sure they haven't delivered on any of those populist murmurings, yet they now feel they should be creating a whole new manifesto, that know one voted for.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you want proof that representative democracy is a scam in this country, then this one issue should be all the evidence you need. We have career merchants who follow their orders from up high. The people are given a puppet show now and then, the con them into believing they have a say, but the reality is we don't. We would have, if we managed to break out of the trance we have been put in and voted the whole LibLabCon shower out, but with the medias full backing and all the odds stacked in their favour, I can understand why people fall for it.

So that is the most important part for me, but let us look at the actual issue itself.

They want to punish people for the amount of co2 their cars pump out right. That's the reason they give, that the impact of driving a gas guzzler means more pollution.

But it doesn't does it. Because It doesn't matter how much of a guzzler the car is, if the damned thing isn't moving. You could have a big old people carrier, that you only use once in a blue moon, to ship a bunch of disabled kids to the seaside as a yearly treat. Sorry, but you may be priced out of doing that now, because this horrible bunch of fascists hate you.

Of course, IF you really wanted to stop people using PETROL (not fucking gas), then you would put the tax on PETROL. Bugger, they have already done that though haven't they. So petrol guzzlers are already paying through the nose, every time they drive their car anywhere. This bunch of cretins in charge, just want to rape the last penny out of you and make sure it is only they and their elite buddies that can afford to drive anything but lawnmowers.

And that's if you accept that co2 is a pollutant, is increasing out of control, is all down to us and is bad for the environment. I don't accept any of that, thus their fascism is based on a lie, but then that's when fascism works best.

Just as a quick recap before I go.

1) co2 is the stuff plants and tree (including food crops) love to grow.
2) co2 is a gas that we breath out. Plants breath it in and we breath in the oxygen they breath out. Its a pretty nice cycle that tends to balance itself out.
3) The amount of co2 humans are accountable for is below 5%. Yes that's right, nature produces 95% of co2, so we are worrying about the part of our planet that produces a tiny proportion of co2.
4) The amount of co2 in our atmosphere is tiny. 0.03%, which is very close to our planets all time lows, when you look at the big picture.
5) co2 is actually a terrible greenhouse gas. It doesn't really matter how much more co2 we have, it is already at optimum levels for retaining heat.
6) Who says co2 levels increasing wouldn't be net beneficial? It could go up 10 time and we would still be nowhere near levels that harm us. Indeed, it would just help plants, that have had to put up with near starvation levels for centuries. Even if they weren't lying and co2 really did warm the planet, so what? The planet has been MUCH warmer than today and survived. Indeed, we are due another ice age soon, I don't know about you, but I'd rather that was offset by a bit of warming if possible.

Bottom line is the usual suspects are using the issue as a big stick. They have no idea really and neither do scientists. They all have their own theories, but until they can explain exactly how we were created, then you have to accept they are just guessing like the rest of us anyway.

A good rule of thumb, is don't accept a word politicians tell you, when they have a stick in their hands.

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