Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Europeans against the straight jacket that is the EU!

I have been seeing some wonderful signs of late, that finally, large amounts of continental Europeans are waking up to the true disgusting nature of the EU. Look at facebook, do a search on Google, just speak to a few Germans or French or Italians and the same message is coming back.

We don't want the EU. We don't want a new Soviet, that tries to make us all the same, takes our money, tells us what to do and is a vehicle for the very worst politicians there are. The career merchants, who have no driving principle, other than themselves, by manipulation the selfish desires of the masses.

It is far to easy for a politician to stand up and promise people the world. When that world is stolen from others though (minus their cut of course), then we are on a one way ticket to hell.

There is a good facebook group, that says it all for me. It's called "Socialism only killed 100 million people, let's try it again!".

It might or might not be 100% accurate, but the underlying message is true. Any ideolgy based on the premise that stealing is O.K. will lead to disaster. The people in power don't care though, because as long as they play on the fascist desires that sit within most people, they elevate themselves and that is all they care about.

We need a new kind of politician in Europe. One that will work to make each nation free. Free Europe up piece by piece and then the rest and the good will spread.

Keep on going down the fascist rathole of Supranational Socialism and your grandchildren will be the ones having to fight their way out.

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