Friday, 1 August 2008

Boris Johnson drags politics into the racist gutter

Commie Scribble

London Mayor Boris Johnson has endorsed US presidential candidate Barack
Obama, saying a win for him would be a "fantastic boost" for black people.
Mr Johnson said the Democratic White House hopeful could do "wonderful
things for the confidence of black people around the world".

Disgusting. Politics should have nothing to do with colour, but with idiots like Johnson around, no wonder some are turning the the BNP.

Instead of backing him for reasons of freedom, fairess and quality, he has looked at the colour of his skin and gone for that. Pathetic.

I have no time for Obama, but it isn't because he is black. If Obama was against war (he isn't, he wants to "get tough" on Iran). If Obama was for freedom (he isn't, he has not proposed a single roll back of the fascist measures being put in place). If he was against stealing money from the people and calling it tax (he isn't, he wants to steal more). Then I wouldn't give a flying fig if he was orange, pink or blue.

He is one of the boys though and will do exactly as he is told, but the same old puppet masters as usual. The buffoon Johns is sucking up too, hoping his support of the agenda, will gain him favour in the future.

I hope the people see this for what it is. A patronising pat on the head of not just black, but people of all shades across the planet.

It's not good being proved right about this career merchant.

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