Sunday, 3 August 2008

For the love of God, what has my country become?

Daily Fail

Voters who go to the polls in local elections could win prizes worth £1,000, it was revealed yesterday.

Such an incentive would be much bigger than anything suggested so far under the 'votes-mean-prizes' scheme being considered by Justice Secretary Jack Straw.

Whitehall officials had previously hinted the prizes would be relatively modest, such as free entry to council-run gyms and swimming pools.

Could you make this up? Just when you think this country and its "democracy" couldn't become a bigger joke, New Labour manage to drag it down a whole new level.

So desperate are they now, to drag the underclass they have created in to vote (hopefully for them), that they are now willing to spend some of the stolen loot (tax) on bribing people to vote. Bribing them to try and give their rancid, rotten and pathetic system some sort of credibility.

Seriously, we are at the point of collapse. These utter fools need to be taken down and taken down fast, before they turn this country into a 3rd world nation. Blue Labour will be absolutely the same though, so we need some radical change and that means kicking out the whole career based establishment and giving small parties a chance. Pick a smaller party closest to your view and go for it. Voting Red to keep Blue out or vice versa, just gives you a different coloured turd.

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