Sunday, 10 August 2008

UK Bill of rights (fascism) on its way

Commie tool

The government should adopt a Bill of Rights for the UK, a cross-party committee of MPs and peers has urged.

The Joint Committee on Human Rights said the bill should go further than current human rights legislation.

The bill should give greater protection to groups such as children, the elderly and those with learning difficulties, it said in a report.

Why do groups need greater protection? Children are already more than protected by law, but of course enforcing that law is another matter all together. The elderly should expect the same protection as anyone, IE the right to not be violently attacked and go about their business freely.

Are these donkeys really telling us that centuries of British civilisation have not already given these groups protection? Well it is true, we are all losing our right to be free, but I doubt if their rancid little consensus Bill will address that at all. Quite the opposite in fact. What I expect to see, is Britain being harmonised into the EU socialist solidarity collective way.

Its report referred to a survey conducted in 2006 when more than three-quarters of the people polled agreed that "Britain needs a Bill of Rights to protect the liberty of the individual".

That's right, the INDIVIDUAL. So why are these chimps already leaping to trying to make it into groups.

The report said: "We recommend for inclusion, amongst others, the right to trial by jury, the right to administrative justice and international human rights as yet not incorporated into UK law.

Ah now we get down to the reality. As usual we are conned with the initial REASSERTION that we are entitled to a trial by jury. Well that's what we used to have, but of late they have ripped it away bit by bit from us. Speeding tickets anyone?

But look at the second part. INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS, not yet incorporated into UK law. In other words, we will be pushed into a New World Order. You think these "rights" will be good for us? I doubt it. More like more socialist crap that actually makes us more under the hammer of the state.

The Bill would also encompass Britons' social and economic rights, including the right to health, housing, education and an adequate standard of living, the report said.

There you go. This isn't about freedom, it's about some socialist/communist Utopian idea, that we are all entitled to expect a certain standard of living, no matter how useless, lazy, criminal or scummy we are. This is the USSR all over again and we know what kind of standard of living the people had under that. Yeah, you had a minimum standard for sure and only a very a few managed to get above it. The politicians.

"And it would help to correct the popular misconception that human rights are a charter for criminals and terrorists," it went on.

Except it isn't a misconception, because those are the true winners so far. Ordinary Brits got on just fine without all this crap before, but ever since our surrender to the EU, we have no choice but to give convicted criminals better treatment.

Calling it a "constitutional landmark", he added: "It would provide a framework both for protecting the liberty of the individual against the intrusion of state power, and for protecting the 'little person' against powerful interests.

Truly we are living in Orwellian times. Black is white, war is peace, freedom is slaver and 2+2=5. This isn't anything to do with individual liberty. It is about putting us in line with the rest of the world, so the one world dictatorship can have its way.

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