Sunday, 17 August 2008

Fox News shows what a shocking shower of shite our "free" media is.

Shut up little girl, quick go to adverts, wrap this one up big time, they aren't slagging off the Russians.

Pitful, but no more than we should have expected from the government propaganda channel. The BBC is worse, because they don't even start to take the risks of allowing the truth to creep out.

Listen to the hosts pathetic panic, as he gets told by the controlers to close this section off ASAP.

The media is not our friends people. I don't know how much more evidence we need for that.

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mhmedia said...

Thanks for sharing this. I remember Fox's coverage of the Gulf War - just as bad.. One thing strikes me as odd though about this one though: bearing in mind the obvious potential for people speaking the unpleasant truth, why did they decide to broadcast it truly live? I was under the impression that they always had a delay/lag in potentially sensitive broadcasts like this, so that in the event of some embarrassment they could pull the plug without it seeming too obvious. "Nice" touch though, cutting to a commercial break, but they didn't seem to have learned their lesson letting them back to continue the propaganda after the break :-)