Saturday, 2 August 2008

David Milliband. Is he the spawn of Satan?

It's no good. I have held this back for too long now and I have to get it off my chest.

Anyone who knows me, has read my rants here, or on various forums over time, will know what I think of politicians. They will know the utter contempt I have for nearly all of them, from whatever party and from whatever country.

I truly believe we have evolved a political system, that rewards the worst kind of person. The kind of person who is selfish, lying, corrupt and who would sell their own grandmothers out if it meant a bit more power and money for them.

In a way, I think we are all responsible for this. People in general, don't like being told the truth. They want to be told what they want to hear. We are horribly image driven and unforgiving when it comes to changing of the mind. Instead of applauding a politician who puts his/her hands up and says they are wrong, we destroy them.

Of course the media and other politicians help perpetuate this. The term "U-Term" is thrown around like an insult, even if the u-turns are rare and for the right reason. In effect we are saying that if you make a decision, you have to stick to it no matter what, even if you realise it is wrong and even disastrous. Maybe that is why people like Blair could never admit to being wrong, even though they so clearly were.

I have to say, there have been few politicians that I have had less respect for than Blair. Probably because he stole billions of pounds of my money, to bomb the hell out of a near 3rd world nations, creating hatred of my country around the world, all based on a pack of lies.

Sure we are reaping the ill harvest of the Blair era now. Less freedoms, less prosperity and we are only just starting too. Of course Gordo was his wing man for much of this and we probably have seen politicians fall to epic new levels of respect from the public.

However, even though I hate Blair (yes hate, he has done much to destroy my country), I always just though of him as the lowest possible class of human. The kind of human who no one liked at school, thus was a bitter and nasty arsehole who no one liked as an adult. One that should probably be in prison, but at least they did show some signs of being a human.

Which leads me onto Milliband. This man, and to a lesser degree his snivelling little brother Ed, seem totally devoid of any human characteristics at all. I'm not kidding! On almost ever level, this shell of a man, oozes evil. Pure evil at that.

Firstly on a superficial level, just look into the man's eyes. They are cold. Cold like a serial killers or a tyrant from earth's woeful history. There is no spark of life there, just a numbing, chilling stare that suggests he is capable of anything, and I don't mean that in a good way.

Of course, he has all the characteristics of all the "New Labour" robots. It is very rare to hear any kind of human reaction from the guy. Like a robot, he churns out the party line, no matter what issue he talks about. It's almost like he never had a mind of his own and just took a New Labour chip when he joined. No matter how much damage his disgusting party does, he just brushes it off, with out a flicker of remorse.

Now we see his has that ruthless ambition, that will see him stab his own side in the back, as soon as he thinks he has a chance. He is like Blair, but worse. Much worse. Now and then you could see in Blair's dull eyes, the tinge of regret, or the flicker of second thoughts that he may have just become a monster. Most humans realise when they have taken the wrong track and try to make amends. I sometimes wonder if that is why Blair it trying to be a Middle East peace envoy, why he converted to the Catholic faith. The man may well want forgiveness for the evil he brought upon his own people and the world at large. I hope this is the case and not just and attempt to position himself ready to be king of the EU.

Milliband won't show any such "weakness" though. The man has no soul and would probably relish driving the final nail into this nations heart. He hates Britain and its people, because like many of his comrades, he is a Communist at heart. The Internationale unites the human race probably rings out through the evil scumbags mind, but just like all other Communist regimes throughout time, the people will be united alright. United in misery, poverty and servitude to their evil overlords.

I don't like or trust the man one jot. Which is why I want him to take over Labour now. Because whoever takes on Labour now, is taking on a lost cause. Labour have consigned themselves to the wilderness once again and I can't think of a better man to take them there.

If only people would remember that in 20 years time. I fear the people will forget though, just as they forget what the Tories were like and continue the puppet show of misery for that bit longer.


the pink tink said...

could not agree more, i am not a fan of milliband, or Labour in general. i like your writing.

Matt Davies said...

Thank you. BTW, Tony Benn is one of the few politicians I have any respect for too. He may not be on the same page as me economically, but he is honest and is principled.

Anonymous said...

That is the first thing that sprang into my mind when I first saw Miliband. Spawn of Satan

The copied hand gestures and vocal manorisms of blair. Blair at least seemed to have a soul unlike this dead eyed clone that seems to enjoy representing the worst aspects of humanity. He should, by law not be allowed to continue "up the ranks" as who knows where this will lead...

When the SNP shafted labour, the one thing that i'll remember is Milibands response, along the lines of:
No,no, really, no really, this is'nt a disaster for Labour, in fact if you look at the figures we've actually done very well in a lot of areas etc...etc......

Odious little slimy man that he is.

Well, rant over for now. Back to number 10 I go...