Sunday, 17 August 2008

Government backs stealing again.

Stalin's Choice

A minister has called on the government to consider a tax on high earners to help the middle classes through the economic slowdown.

Writing in the Sunday Times, Health Minister Ivan Lewis said introducing practical measures to boost morale at this difficult time was vital.

He warns that Labour will lose the next election if it does not take tough tax decisions to bail out core voters.

Sorry, but while I could well be one of the "middle classes" that would benefit from this, the thought of stealing other peoples wealth turns my stomach. All that will achieve, is to drive Britain's hard working and most talented out. You would think the ridiculous retards in Labour would have learned this by now, but no, like a brain damaged hamster, they continue to run around the wheel.

Why does anyone wonder why respect is dying in this country,when government itself backs thieving?

His comments come as a poll suggests Labour Party popularity is waning.

The latest YouGov poll, commissioned by the Sunday Times, showed that Labour's support was at 25%, with the Conservative Party in a 20-point lead

What a shock. I hasten to add though, that's 25% of those who vote. So we are talking about just over 10% of the people here. How 1 in 10 people still choose this shower of pish, I have no idea. No wait, yes I do. They either work for the government, or benefit from the stolen cash.

The only way to win the next election, Mr Lewis warns, is by protecting the living standards of the "mainstream majority" that helped secure Labour's victory in the past three elections.

Would that quote have looked out of place coming out of Hitler's mouth? I don't think so. Yes, let's persecute the minorities, to make sure the majority vote for us. That'll be the 2 wolves and a sheep arguing over who is going to be dinner play.

"Our duty is to act decisively and make tax and spending decisions that show we understand what it is like to cope with rising food, fuel and utility bills," Mr Lewis said.

Maybe common thief should try that line, just after he has robbed an old granny to provide for his family.

"If as a result of the current economic situation the only way to help hard-pressed middle-class families is to ask the higher earners to pay more, then serious consideration should be given to that," he added.

Only you won't be asking at all, will you. No, you shall be stealing the money and using the full violent force of the state on anyone who dares to avoid the smash and grab. What a sickening scumbag this bloke is.

He does not specify how much one has to earn to fall within this bracket, but it is thought to be aimed at people earning £250,000 and more, according to the newspaper.

I.E. the one's who will quite easily avoid whatever dumb tax these intellectual fucktards come up with this week.

Other suggestions include a windfall tax or a temporary freeze on stamp duty payments.

Which are just as moronic. Windfall taxes shall just be passed straight on to the consumer (and then some when waste and corruption is taken into account).

Freezing stamp duty will simply mean one small section of society, managed to get a better deal than the rest.

We need to get rid of this bunch of fools quick, before it is too late. Replacing like for like though must not be an option. That rules out both Blue Labour and the Lib Dems.

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