Sunday, 10 August 2008

Anger Management

Sometimes I have people ask me why I am so angry on the internet. In real life, I am thought of as more of a funny guy. I have been told on numerous occasions that I am the "life and soul" of a team.

I do try to be funny in real life, because funny is good. There is nothing better than laughter.

However, there is a major streak of anger running through me and I choose to "vent" that anger, in my writing on the web. I understand, that this carries the risk of overriding the weight of my argument, but to be frank, it's not up to me to make peoples minds up for them. I am angry and I am telling you why I am angry. If you think the reasons are not good enough, then good for you, because to me they are.

How can people not be angry at losing more freedoms by the day? How can people not be angry that stealing is seen as O.K.? How can people not be angry, that this country that became so great, is now becoming so pathetic? How can people not be angry that democracy is a lie? How can people not be angry that their politicians are crooks, liars, traitors and career merchants? How can people not be angry that we bomb the shit out of countries, based on lies? How can people not be angry, that control freaks want them to lose freedom, based on guesswork about the earth's climate? How can people not be angry at not being allowed to defend yourself or your home as you see fit?

I could go on.

What REALLY makes me angry the most though, is the fact that others are not getting angry. Or at least, not enough people. What is wrong with you? Do you like being slaves? Are you happy to be the underling, pet like creature that the British have become?

What happened to this countries spine? What happened to the same will and spirit that gave the world the Magna Carta? Why do stadiums get filled with people for trivia, but political movements wanting freedom struggle to scrape members?

I don't get it. I don't understand why we take what we do and why there is so little effort to put it right.

Perhaps we as a people deserve all we get. I don't want it though and I will fight it, for my family and future children's sake, as well as my own.

I suspect a lot of people are just frightened, or unsure of what to do. They are looking for rally points. Well here is my offer to the people of Woking. I will be your rallying point. Contact me and I will set up a movement in my own town. We will make it fun too, with a social element such as meeting at the pub (if there are still any left) and doing some crazy, but serious stuff.

Let's have you.

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