Sunday, 7 September 2008

Government funded (stolen from taxpayer) envirofascism


Shelter, one of the few organisations backing the plan to build new towns in the English countryside, said it had been given £100,000 by the Government to publish a series of 13 pamphlets, one for each proposed eco-town site.
Called "Eco-town – the facts", the publications are branded with the Shelter logo and claim to assess the impact the new homes will have in the different areas. Each one begins: "Shelter has written a series of leaflets to help clarify the facts."

This is becoming more and more of a problem. The government now tries to drive public opinion, by using public money to sell shite like this to them.

It is a bit like Saving Private Ryan. They are killing us with our own bayonet!

The government is out of control. It has grown fat and too full of its own self importance. There is only ONE party that has realise this and would put a complete stop to such folly.

Take back control Britain, before it is too late. Start by joining the Libertarian Party.

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