Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Police State?



Your papers please.

The thin end of the wedge.


MH Media Online said...

I had a Stop 'n Search once in Brighton for daring to photograph a famous hotel on the seafront. My big mistake was to use a pro camera and that well-known WMD, a camera tripod. It was claimed that my camera was in fact a "terrorist range-finding/aiming device", which was odd as when I bought it, I was told it was a medium-format film camera. After that it was "suggested" I leave Brighton "in case I was arrested" - I did so.

All par for the course unfortunately, and you think the "real" Police are bad, just try it with the plastic PCSO versions - they're not only rude but ill-informed too.

If you enjoyed this, you'll almost certainly want to visit Photorights.org.

Matt Davies said...

Thanks for the link. It all just helps me get more angry, but at least it is conformation that I am right.

I just don't understand why people take it.

Then again, who is to say they do? I can never find anyone who supports Labour, yet I am supposed to believe 1 in 4 people vote for them (enough to take gold when half don't bother to vote at all). It does make me wonder.

Having said that, I did run in an election and saw first hand the votes being counted. Maybe it is just shame that stops people from admitting it.