Monday, 8 September 2008

Sky dish out the moron fodder

I am watching Sky News this morning, who are running a pitiful segment on the NHS.

The title of the programme, is "The price of life :NHS care". They have a little ticker they put up now and then, with the cost of the NHS per minute. We are up to 7 million after an hour or so, so it really is striking home how much money is being spent on this forced insurance scheme.

However, that doesn't seem to be the focus. The focus is on a number of sad stories, where people have various illnesses, or have premature babies etc. You know the kind of thing, where your heart strings are given a real tug.

But here is the rub. They talk of the spending in a very deceptive way. They talk about it as the government spending ITS money, but never really makes it clear where the government gets this money.

Of course, the money is taken from the ordinary working man, whether you like it or not. The responsibility of you selecting insurance is removed (unless you are rich and can afford the sulplementary costs of private on top).

People who have children, seem to expect the whole of society to back their project to keep their line going, no matter what the cost. I do have some sympathy for peoples expectations, as they have had lots of money stolen over time too and expect to get something back for it. However, there are plenty who DON'T contribute and yet expect money stolen from people like me, to make sure their precious little bundles of joy are well looked after.

Well sorry, but this is a rotten way of doing things. Stealing and giving out the proceeds is creating an unresponsible society. What is worse, is the NHS is a horribly inefficient system, because it is underpinned by stolen money and doesn't have to compete like any other service in the private industry does. They piss money up the wall, beacause the money is always guaranteed.

The people who do work hard are getting pissed off with having their money stolen too. They feel like they have given enough to society and even resent it. I know I do sometimes. I look at the huge chunk of my hard earned labour ripped away from me and I ask what value do I get? I don't even feel good about helping others, because I know

a) It is being done so badly, that most of it is wasted.
b) There are some that don't deserve the help.
c) This money is helping destroy responsibility and helping create a reliance on the State and the evil puppet partys that act in it.

Sorry, I fully understand the noble idea behind the NHS, but it has failed and is broken. It is causing much greater problems in the long run and needs to be totally overhauled. Sure I don't think you can just turn it off over night, but we have to start phasing it over to a more market driven and fair system, not based on stealing.

There are many things that can be done initially, that will mean savings and therefore less stealing. As we return the money back to the hard working and careful, the more they will be happy to help others and a true competion based market system can take place. Eventually we will have a more responisble society, with a better, leaner, healthier system, with much more choice. Those who TRULY deserve help, but can't afford it, will find much better Chartities, with more genuine donations, waiting and willing to help them.

True, people will need to plan for having kids, instead of expecting the State to subsidise them.

True, you will have to have your own tattoos removed.

True, you will need to make sure you are insured for dangerous sports, or other activities that could see you injured.

You will have to be repsonsible for yourselves again. I welcome that and will be much more community minded the day it happens.

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Coralie said...

Nice entry. I love it when I have opportunities to see libertarian perspectives from other nations (I'm American). I'm especially keen to read up on your views on healthcare since the US is undergoing a healthscare at the moment. Oh, the joys of socialism :\