Tuesday, 30 September 2008

More evidence that out media are establishment whores!

I'm sitting in a hotel in Yorkshire today, celebrating my 35th Birthday all alone. True, I did have a good full English, but I would rather be with my wife right now!

Anyway, I am watching the sheep fodder known as "news". The usual fear and panic over the credit crunch is on Sky News. They are almost indignant that the Congress rejected the robbery of 700 billion dollars. Yes robbery, because at no point has ANY US taxpayer voted for a party that advocated such a policy.

The shills at Sky have decided that it is the only way though. They say the reason it was rejected, is because the American people are too stupid. Too thick to understand the true nature of economics. They just don't understand how they will suffer, because of this.

Oh but I think they do. Check out Facebook. Look at Youtube and by FAR the most intelligent comment, comes from those that OPPOSE this daylight robbery. They realise that the pyramid selling scheme, based on fiat currency, huge debt and a clique of bankers pulling all the strings, is not a good system. Trusting the same morons who put us in this mess, to get us out, by papering over the cracks is not a solution.

So screw you Sky and the rest of the pathetic lap dog media we have to endure. However, I don't for a minute think this is over. Indeed, I suspect they are playing the usual games, with the same old boys knowing EXACTLY when the robbery will take place. They can play the markets like a cheap fiddle and steal a few trillion more from a gullible public that way.

Time for a revolution? You bet. We need to shake every last power whore from the tree. Every single one that thinks stealing is O.K. and that people should be told how to live their lives. Then, just then, maybe we can get back to a realistic system that rewards hard work and innovation.

Oh and by the way, yes I am watching my pensions and investments shrink. Foolishly I believed the wisdom passed down from the establishment. I don't care though, because I would rather see a world based on freedom and honesty, than the sack of shit we are being offered at the moment.

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