Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Jamie Oliver exposes the state of Britain

I'm just watching the new Jamie Oliver effort, where he goes to Rotherham (where I have been a lot lately) and tries to teach the locals how to cook.

Now I am a bit fed up of the Mockney, but he does shine a light on the pathetic state of this country, while not really identifying the big issues.

Already I am foaming at the mouth at what I am seeing. Jamie has found a mum on benefits (a career of choice in some places), who can't cook/won't cook. She had an army of little brats, that she decided I would be happy to pay for, with help from Labour.

So this woman is probably the type of person quoted in stats as in poverty, as are her children. Well bollocks to that. She feeds her kids take away every night and has a fridge packed full of sweets and alcohol.

This shows the cancer of Socialism at work. Her brats will grow up with the same, zero responsibility, grab all the handouts you can mentality. As long as we keep encouraging this kind of behaviour, the longer the vicious cycle will continue.

This country needs a total overhaul, ASAP.

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