Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Is Britain Governed By Retards?

Daily Fail

Throwing your litter into the wrong street bin will risk an on-the-spot fine and criminal convictions, ministers said yesterday.

Town hall rubbish police, who already inspect household wheelie bins, have been given the power to hand out punishments for misuse of public recycling bins in streets or parks.

Ignoring the new rubbish regulations by, for example, putting crisp packets into bins meant for glass, or ice cream wrappers into bins for cans, will bring financial penalties and the risk of a court appearance if they are not paid.

The right to hand out fines was confirmed by waste minister Joan Ruddock who said the new recycling drive would mean 'deliberate disposal of rubbish in the wrong place could constitute an offence'.

You all know my opinion on recycling and how 99% of it is a total waste of time. The EU demands that Britain meets targets and the feeble little career minded morons implement with glee.

Landfill isn't evil and we have plenty of capacity to do it. Yet this new envirofascist religion is being forced upon us and these are the spin offs.

The control freaks at local level see an opportunity to make some cash, so they bring in horse shite like this. The fact is, it will cost huge amounts of money to police, while pissing off the law abiding citizen, to the point of making them outlaws.

No environmental benefit will be seen, but to stop the EU fining us, like the little bitches that we are now, we have more ludicrous laws foisted upon us. Instead of throwing rubbish in bins, people will be best advised not to bother, as it is cheaper to be fined for littering, than putting it in the wrong bin.

Of course, the little fascists can only be in a few places, so there won't even be any improvement in the serfs playing along to this control game.

When are we going to have a revolution?


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