Monday, 13 October 2008

Credit crunch? What credit crunch?

I have been away on work in the states for the last week, so I had a shed load of mail to open today.

Nothing major, but one thing that did make me laugh, is the amount of credit I was offered. Credit cards, loans, car finance, you name it, I was eligible and invited to join.

Yet banks with centuries of history won't lend each other a bean, hence the massive theft of taxpayers money, to let banks know they can be as reckless as they wish in the future.

Does anyone really believe this horseshite? We all know that a small percentage of people, own the vast majority of wealth on this planet. Yet we are lead to believe that a few mortgage defaulters in the states, has caused all this mayhem.

Rubbish. The puppet masters have decided it is time to shake the tree and my god they have shaken it big time. The Communist manifesto slowly gets put in place, with banks being nationalised at pace and the "one world government" being demanded by the political elite again.

In the meantime, the ordinary Joe wails and whines, but is ultimately ignored as usual.

Watching the "news" in the States is even more depressing than here. Speak to anyone in America, and they lament the lack of real choice and ask how this pile of dung is the best they can get. Yet the "news" tells everyone about the polls being run and how Obama is pulling away, because McCain is getting too angry.

Wrong, he isn't angry enough. He just gets angry about the wrong things. If he started railing against the US becoming the new Soviet Union, then maybe, just maybe people would feel like taking part again.

The problem is, he is establishment to the core and the establishment want authoritarian, world government. They know it is a simple case of playing on people's fears and own fascists tendencies, so that's the game they will play.

Wake up world. Trusting the same mugs who got us here, to get us out, is an epically bad idea!

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