Thursday, 2 October 2008

Useless political puppet Bliar (mark II) resigns.

Communist Channel

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair has announced his resignation after three years in the job.

He said London mayor Boris Johnson, who took over as chairman of the police authority on Wednesday, had told him he wanted a "change in leadership".

Sir Ian said that "without the mayor's backing I do not think I can continue in the job".

I have have to eat humble pie and admit that Boris has achieved something after all. This disgusting excuse of a man, was a political puppet from day one for Labour. His useless tenure has seen respect for the police dwindle and morale of the forces go into freefall.

The fact Boris told him to go is a big plus for him. He is in danger of becoming useful, if he replaces the fool with someone good.

Will he do it though? We shall soon see!

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MH Media Online said...

Surely a complete coincidence that he's called Blair? Neither will be missed as far as I'm concerned..