Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Turning Out The Lights

Have Your Whine

Councils in England and Wales are considering switching off some of their street lights to save money and energy. Is this the best way for councils to cut emissions?

Councils say that switching off the lights will cut carbon dioxide emissions and help them to reduce their carbon footprints. Turning lights off at certain time will also save money.

This is one of those issues where I am a little bit torn. If the sole reason for doing this, was to save co2 emissions, then I would say forget it. It will make sod all difference.

However, I am not going to cut my nose off to spite my face. I believe in being efficient in energy use. 1) Because it costs us money and 2) Because this is energy we could be using for something else.

Do we REALLY need motorways to be lit up like it is day time for instance? I am sure you could at least turn every other light off, with no real difference.

In built up areas and towns though, I don't think turning them off is a great idea. The weaker members of our society will be more frightened, if they have to stumble around in the dark on their way home. If they could carry a gun, then maybe that would balance it out, but they can't.
So on reflection, I believe councils SHOULD look at areas and roads and turn out some of the lights, if possible.

Sadly this will just make George Orwell look like even more of a prophet, with this blueprint for Britain under Labour, 1984.

Dark run down streets, with people snitching on each other and eating meat substitute. Perpetual war with unseen enemies and governments who spin out propaganda that we have never had it so good! All policies now being considered, or in place by New Labour.

Makes you want to weep!


MH Media Online said...

Apparently some Councils have tried "intelligent" street lighting that runs at near-standby settings until a person or vehicle approaches, then they come up to full power for a while before going back to "sleep". However, this costs money and I'm not sure if Councils are green enough to do this, despite their claims. When I lived in Alton a couple of years back they didn't usually bother to replace failed bulbs until enough people complained so they were accidentally green.

What's worse in my opinion is the private sector that insist on lighting up all manner of monstrous offices and buildings, all through the night. For who's benefit is this, I wonder?

Matt Davies said...

Private companies that waste money like that, probably deserve to go bust.

Sadly, if you walk by Council offices, they are just as guility, only it is the taxpayers cash they are wasting.