Thursday, 2 October 2008

Envirofascists at EU controlled Woking council screw up again!

A while back I had a letter sent to me from the council, complete with a questionnaire.

The questionnaire was about "energy efficiency" and they wanted you to answer a load of questions, in return for a "free" report.

Last time I looked at the title of the person sending the letter (Lara Curran, Senior Policy Officer for Climate Change) and threw it straight in the bin. When your useless government pretends it can control the planets climate and employs people using stolen money to do so, then I give it the short shrift it deserves. Besides,for my own bank balance, I am pretty damn energy efficient as it is.

So imagine my joy to find that the morons had cocked up and have had to resend the questionnaire for a second time. Yes, all that paper and energy required to send this crap out, all under the new religious banner of Envirofascism.

This time I decided I would pay a bit more attention though, so I can really pick holes in their folly.

First up, the letter was addressed to "The Householder". Now I don't know about you, but that is usually a signal to me that it is junk mail. I personally do read it from time to time, but I know many people just chuck such stuff straight in the bin.

Now the council try to blame the mailing house for the blunder and promise that there was no extra cost to the council. Probably true, because the council never pays for ANYTHING. We, the taxpayers do! The fact we had to pay for the first crappy effort is bad enough, along with the wages of this non job hogger, Lara Curran.

The next bit talks about how this information will be used to plan future energy efficiency grants. Guess where those grants come from. Yes that's right, anyone who bothers to work for a living. Stolen once again, via taxation. Why am I having to pay for other people to be subsidised?

They make great bones about the envelope being "freepost". Guess what? IT AIN'T FUCKING FREE! The post office are not a charity, especially since the EU driven laws meant all their most profitable business has been asset stripped away from them. The mug tax payer has to pay for every reply that gullible sheep send in.

There is a "processing centre" who will deal with this rubbish and can you guess who pays their wages? That's right, us lot again. More non jobs, more waste.

It says if you would like to speak to a "trained energy advisor" to help morons fill out the form phone a special "freephone" number. They like that word free, when in reality it is anything but free. All phone calls made to that number will be charged to the council and passed back to us. Of course, all of this information and advise is readily available on the internet, but this bunch of clowns wants to force feed the moron population and keep their non jobs going.

Now, this wouldn't be so bad, if this useless council, who proudly fly the flag of the EU above their office, were actually responding to the peoples wishes and delivering on promises made in elections. This simply isn't the case though. None of the parties promised this short of shite. Well maybe the Lib Dems hinted at it, but the Tories are supposed to be in power and all they said, is they would stop waste and keep taxes low! Lying bastards.

Looking at the Questionnaire itself, you soon see this is a centrally (ie the EU) driven load of garbage. It even says in bold letters A Government Requirement. Who the fuck do they think they are? Our overlords? Our masters? Why don't we have local government who have the balls to say, this is a ridiculous waste of time, effort, energy and money? Teach the kids at school that saving money and energy is a good idea. Make the info available on the internet. Robbing people to fund this horseshite, just because the EU demands it is not the way to go.

The Questionnaire asks a shit load of questions about your house, which I am not going to tell them about. They will probably stick it on a database and sell it to some companies. Or use it to bump up peoples council taxes!

Right at the end though, they ask 3 questions to help decide if you are eligible for some of the stolen booty, I mean grant. Now maybe I'm a cynic, but I suspected just because I am the one having the money stolen from me, I will be unlikely to get any of it back. So let's go through the questions.

32 Is a member of your household over 60?

Errr no. If there was, then we would probably be much more wealthy, as most of the pensioners in Surrey have a lifetime of savings and lived through the golden era of final salary, non contribution pensions. Unlike me, who doesn't expect a bean in state pensions and has to save like hell, in the hope of getting something. Of course, all the money I put into pensions, should have gone under the mattress as what Gordon hasn't stolen, has been smashed by stock market collapse. What a wheeze.

33 Is a member of your household in receipt of benefits?

Mmm no. The only benefit I ever had was a partial grant at University. I feel bad about that now, but not that bad seeing as I have had that money taken back many times over by the State. I guess the fact I work and try to look after myself, rules me right out. So why the hell should I bother with this rubbish?

34 Would you like more info on the councils (taxpayer/robbery victims) new eco(fascism) show home in Knaphill.

Hell no. I live in Knaphill and don't want to be reminded of the utter waste of money you idiots allow. Money that is theived from people like me every month, for what? A fortnightly bin collection.

What a scam. What a disgrace. And all the little parasite companies that donate to the parties that push this agenda, so they get on the "approved list" for selling their crap to us, can fuck right off too.

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