Friday, 3 October 2008

A day of mourning for Britain (Mandelson's back)

I don't bloody believe it.

After a great day yesterday, with Ian Blair being forced out, we are giving a huge boot in the balls today.

Peter Mandelson, after selling Britain out so much as an unelected EU trade lacky, is coming back to British government. Kicked out twice already, his so called nemesis Gormless Brown, is welcoming him back with open arms.

Of course, he can't come back to parliament, so they just create him a place in the Lords. What a sham our "democracy" is, when crooks like this utter scum can keep crawling back to suck on the taxpayers teat for a bit longer.

At least it exposes what a load of rubbish the media puppet show of our politics really is. Brown is just as much an EU traitor and buddy of Blair as Mandelson. All these fake story lines, of them not being friends and hating each other is now proven to be BS.

Will this help people realise what a charade our "democracy" is? Will it make people suspicious, that Blue Labour are perhaps batting for the EXACT same team?

Sadly I doubt it. Mandelson and Cameron will have to be physically bending people over and giving them the shaft, before a whimper of complaint will be heard.

Does Britain deserve to go down? Not if we are talking about our ancestors, but the current generation is a spineless bunch of surrender chimps. I feel ashamed.

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